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    MILD Talked to my DC Mom in Japanese

    by , 03-28-2014 at 03:08 PM (400 Views)
    Earlier this morning, I had a non-lucid dream about a false awakening at my mom's. I recognized this and did a mantra when falling back to sleep that I am falling asleep in my room, so if I wake up anywhere else, I am dreaming.

    Then, comes my MILD!

    7:32 am MILD

    False awakening lucid at my mom's. I hear the door bell ring and answer it. I know it's a dream because I remember I fell asleep at my apartment. It is one of the daycare moms at the door here to pick up her son, N. I see N, and another daycare kid, M, below me. I look down at M and try testing the gravity. I think he asks me what I am doing and I think I tell him I need to check the gravity because I'm dreaming.

    Despite the fact that I know I'm dreaming, the dream feels so weird, it doesn't feel like a dream, except for the fact that I'm levitating. The way in which the dream characters are acting are how they would've in real life.

    It takes a bit of effort but I manage to propel myself into the air and levitate after spinning. I see my mom and try to ask her 世界を変えることはできますか? but the words are so hard to get out of my mouth. As I'm struggling to say them she asks, "What?" and once I finally say it she says, "Yes" very briefly and casually in English while looking the other way. She seems distracted by her own reality instead of paying attention to my lucid dream efforts. I'm not sure if she actually understood me.

    I wake up because I don't feel fully asleep and am afraid to fall asleep and can feel my paralysis. I'm also afraid I won't be aware of my surroundings in waking life if an intruder breaks in.

    After waking up and writing down my dream, I went back to sleep. I had many false awakening dreams in my apartment. I try to focus my brain away from lucid dreaming because at this point I just want to sleep and finally I fall asleep and have four non-lucid dreams.

    One of the non-lucid dreams had Japanese Sign Language in it.

    9:30 am non-lucid

    I have a dream that a boy who knows Japanese Sign Language and who is deaf came to our daycare. He signs the signs for "sign language" "can" "can not do" "question marker" to me. I reply with "can" and am excited. His father however doesn't seem to know how to sign and could hear. I text my friend from the farm dream about how there's a little boy who's native language is JSL at daycare.

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