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    Competition Fragments

    by , 01-11-2016 at 05:41 PM (369 Views)
    At the store and someone complains. It makes the cashier lady cry. The cashier is really passive but she has to write down the interaction and it shows on a screen I can see. She writes that she basically told the customer that she was the boss and he had to listen. I was going to take a picture and show D because I thought it was funny but I remembered I only had an old fashioned flip phone. Everyone started calling their S.O’s so I called mine even though we were in the same store. We had to be secretive about it. I felt very in love with him. I saw a certain man twice in two roles, I figured he was a filler like in movies.
    Hailey called and there was a lot of silence on the phone. She was upset. She told me she talked to a psychic who told her that the toilet is a symbol for how she looks down on other women and it’s true. I told her some people do that to make themselves feel better. I’m walking through a building. I say goodbye in my head and hang up. I forget to say it out loud so she texts me “ok?” I go to text her back but never finish.
    D and I stay at a hotel. Our room has only double beds. Every room has stickers of football mascots. I see the back of a dolphin one on someone’s door. We have a partial ocean view, but the weather is wild and we basically have a raging waterfall and river right outside our door. I go to the shower and my mom is there, she starts talking about Alesia while I’m trying to use a homemade product.

    Al.W. drew a funny picture.

    A male and female are captured and trying to escape. They take a chance because they’ve had enough. They slide down a hill and the guy complains because he gets rug burn from his shirt. The girl thinks he’s whiny. At the bottom the girl sees a detached train car that says “resources” when she goes in it blows up because it was a trap. That was sneaky of the enemy. A little dog runs toward the guy, it’s badly burnt but it survives.

    I dreamed of being lucid and playing Mario with team members on DV. Someone posted in response to a criticism : “excuse us while we try to figure out our ass from our head.”

    I tried to pee like a man but couldn’t, and it ended up getting everywhere.

    In the woods and it’s very crowded. There are tents everywhere and lot of people. I see a big grizzly bear walking around and I’m really stressed out about it. I want to warn people but I’m not sure of the bear’s intentions and I don’t want to aggravate it. Why isn’t it hibernating anyway? I also see a moose and the moose comes toward me, it gets very close and it kinda makes me nervous because i’m not sure if it’s aggravated or not.

    Danielle was complaining about a headache

    FA/hypnagogic imagery. I was frustrated that I was tired but couldn't fall asleep and then woke up and realized I had been asleep

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