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    Emotional Death and Revolution

    by , 05-09-2016 at 08:11 PM (645 Views)
    +I find out I died when I was an infant and came back to life a few hours later. I told my sister and asked my mom about it. D and I were skiing and snowboarding on very icy snow. I couldnít wait to be done because it wasnít good conditions. Erica met me at the bottom. She accidentally dropped and broke a wooden box of mine. I didnít care, one less thing to have to pack back home. She ended up dying and I was upset. I kept trying to sneak into some compound and so was another girl. There are nerds keeping lookout and they spot me so I lock myself in the bathroom. There are towel rods along the walls and a window at the very top of the room so I climb up. I bide my time up there because there are housekeepers outside of the window. I wait for them to leave but the towel rod Iím holding myself up on is starting to come out of the wall. Eventually I just jump through the window and they spot me. I find out Brooks is dying and I sob about it and hug her. Iím told I have ovarian or uterine cancer and that also makes me emotional. So much death.

    +D is in the military and Iím with him. Weíre in a tank and I try to convince to break the rules with me and do something fun. He refuses. His comrade is staring at me and eavesdropping. I pretend not to notice. Thereís a little girl I really like and we give her fireworks, which she loves. She also has a parade of large cats. Iím watching a video about a woman having to wait in line to vote and she starts belly dancing to the rhythm of the politicianís lies. She's very good. The politicians try to convince us they donít make that much money. I riot breaks out against Hilary Clinton becoming president. Itís really large. But the police come in and break it up, driving through with giant tanks that are so tall I canít see past the wheels. Everybody is really upset. Iím in my gmaís living room trying to tell my family about it. I get really emotional and canít open my eyes because Iím crying. I tell everyone who will listen that we are not a free country at all. Weíre being controlled and sedated through the mass media and militant power of the state. It really upsets me because Iím able to see clearly in my mind how our country could be better: a place where everyone is working together on the same level. How can we say that we live in a free country if we canít even stand in the street to advocate for change that the collective society desires? Someone posts how angry they are about it on Facebook. Trish gives me a sequined purse pinata. It has essential oils and itís made to be hit to let out anger. In the middle of the night I escape under a bridge to do gardening. All the soil in my succulent pot disappeared and the leaves on my peace lily are very brown. Iím confused because they werenít this way yesterday. D catches me having snuck out and tells me to be careful outside at night. I go to get food and have to walk behind this big guy who is attracted to me. He lets me go ahead of him and gives me a shirt to change into, which I do. I order tacos and they ask if I want cayenne pepper on it. I say yes and he recommends a certain kind of sauce, so I tell them to do half sauce and half cayenne. The worker takes a bite of the saucy taco and loves it.

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    1. Elaineylane's Avatar
      I'm guessing those are your real political views. I'm so glad to see someone else on here that has the same views as me! I don't usually dream about them though but mine would resemble that of yours if I did, lol..... That first dream was really dark & sad. I'd probably wake up feeling sad if I had that dream.
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    2. lunagoddess's Avatar
      Yes, they are. I'm glad you feel the same because I felt very hopeless! What's interesting is that I don't think much about politics in my waking life, but I dream about it a lot. I don't think my view of society has ever been quite as clear to me as it was in this dream. I did wake up feeling sad, and I actually woke up with a cyst on the ovary that was cancerous in my dream :/ Not sure how to feel about that
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    3. Elaineylane's Avatar
      If you don't have pain I'd say not to worry. But on the other hand if you are intuitive maybe you should. I hope you are okay.
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    4. Nebulus's Avatar
      Sorry you are feeling so weighed down by things.

      hmm i've always thought of current society as far from "civilised" where there is no real freedom
      but we are all connected as this a part of everyones turmoil, everyones internal struggle for emancipation.
      The world is messed up but change starts here and now with us.
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