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    Incest, Illness, and Travel (Competition Night 2)

    by , 04-12-2016 at 06:29 PM (464 Views)
    +I remembered a lot of details when I woke up, but it feels impossible to write out at 3 am. So here's what's left: I was watching Long Lost Family and there's a story about a man who was looking for his twin sister and turns out, he's been married to her! It shows a photo and I realize I have that photo hanging up in my office. I realize that it's my paternal grandmother's brother. Even after they found out, they didn't separate and they continued to have kids. They were madly in love. I wondered if it had anything to do with the concept of genetic sexual attraction I've heard about in adoption cases.

    +I'm sick and I'm stuck inside a basement room. I'm staying with P.P. but she up and leaves abruptly. I ask what she wants me to do with all her stuff and she doesn't seem to care, but we agree to meet up again and take care of it. I get a message on t.v. that L.S. is thinking of moving back to Florida. She sends videos of herself hiking on the mountainous freeway in Washington in the snow. I see a semi truck coming at her and think, "That's just like my dream last night!". I hope she hasn't left yet so we can get together first. I call someone and complain to them I'm sick, my roommate left, and another one of my friends is thinking of moving away. They pick me up and I insist that mangos will make me feel better. An ice cream shop guy gives me a scoop of green ice cream that is very bland and clearly not mango. He makes me eat it from my hand. There were a lot of guards by the door on our way out. They drop me off at a grocery store and a man in a truck cat calls me so I ignore him. As I shop I notice him following me. I try to evade him. A man asks for advice on milk and is very grateful for what I have to say. After he leaves I find him again to make sure he intended to buy chocolate milk and not regular. He did. Somehow I get back to my real bedroom and my hands are asleep. I start crying and my husband tells me he's not going to try and have sex with me because I can tell I've been through a lot.

    +Traveling with DB. We go to a snowy mountain where A and I snowboard without a snowboard, just our feet. I clipped her heel and we both fell. The snow was really strange, like artificial with the consistency of dried shaving cream. I asked about it but nobody could explain it. We got on a plane and flew over California. You could see from the plane that California extended out over the water beyond the rest of the western states. The plane detoured and took us to a hotel we all had to stay the night at. I was extremely upset. I just wanted to go home. I didn't want to stay at this weird hotel with all these people. A immediately called dibs on room 333 and that just upset me even more. She knows that's the room I want. I settle for 345 because it's on the top floor and an end, so it'll be quiet. It's a bright yellow hotel.

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