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    In love with the fishmonger

    by , 04-25-2016 at 05:48 PM (445 Views)
    +In a large house for part of what feels like a movie trailer. A girl says, “If I didn’t know any better, I would think this was a dream!” So I did the nose pinch RC and I could breathe 3 times. I was surprised because I really thought I was awake, but I realized I must be dreaming. I set out to find some people to play spin the bottle with for the TOTM. Somehow I ended up in a small storage closet area with my husband and some random guy. I invited them to play the spin the bottle and we just magically had a bottle. There wasn’t enough room for us to place the bottle so it was on an uneven surface and hitting our feet. I spun it but my husband’s phone rang, which he answered, and the other guy lost interest. I tried! I should have stabilized better.
    +I got a job in a fish market/butcher/factory place. I end up falling in love with the man training me. Sometimes he looks like Ragnar Lothbrok and sometimes he looks and acts like my husband, very affectionate and loving. Supposedly I look like his ex-wife, Siggy. At different points I do his laundry, climb trees, text, and search the first aid room for alcohol to clean up the fish smell. One day I go into the room where he’s sorting fish and try to help him. He doesn’t want help. He’s depressed because he really wants to be a chef. He wants to show people his broth soup. I tell him I love soup and he should bring some for me to try. It makes him happy. In a meeting there’s a proud coworker who likes to be the best at everything and likes to do it all himself. I volunteer for all the odd jobs during the meeting to peeve him and my lover and I get a good laugh out of it. There’s lots of controversy surrounding our relationship, which is becoming more and more apparent to everyone. I’m the only woman working in that place and everyone, including my beau, are concerned it will just turn into a fling and I will be hurt in the end. I think about getting a different job since this job is far from where I live (they recently moved the factory to Kilauea). But the only other option is selling blow-up mattresses. I used divination to examine it closer and the results were: Screw, nail, nail (x3). Somehow it means that it would be wise to be in a place away from children and that in the end I’ve found my match and it will help me develop the personality traits I need to be successful in this life. In the back of my mind I was worried that meant my husband and I had to divorce, that we weren’t meant to be. My older sister was jealous.
    +My mom was hanging out with Sadie, who was larger and had a huge bump on her head. My mom showed me this chocolate fountain thing she made. At one point she said, “don’t even think about it.” and I said, “I’ll think about whatever I want.”
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