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    Masked Man

    by , 01-12-2016 at 07:21 PM (391 Views)
    Competition Night #2 Highlights

    D and I started watching a scary movie because we thought it might be healthy to overcome fears. There was a man following all these women, including Vanessa. I was scared and could barely look because I knew the man had a creepy white mask on. Then he broke all of their necks. His mask was twisted so his mouth was int he eye hole. I wondered how he was seeing anything. He kept mumbling and whispering about necks and how much he hated them. Then he went into a house and I became immersed in the movie. I was a little girl that was home alone and I ran around the house trying to “break the necks’ of doors. Then I decided to grab a closet rod and I broke it in three so I could use it to defend myself. A climbed onto my bunkbed and into a trap closet I had, which would lead me outside. This wasn’t the first time this had happened, I was scared to go out because last time I got caught by the police and brought back home. Before I could get out I heard breathing and the masked man entered my room, pleased to have found me. He stared at me and I tried to whack him with my stick but it did nothing. I tried to bite his fingers and that also did nothing. So I begged him to just kill me and get it over with but he just laughed.

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