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    The non-dream Dream

    by , 01-05-2016 at 07:13 PM (450 Views)
    In a class feeling closed off like in highschool. My friend Molly (brunette and to my right) tells me Iím dreaming and I need to trust her. I donít believe her. I canít be dreaming. She keeps insisting. I tell her I canít be dreaming because IímÖhereÖdoing somethingÖI canít really remember. But Iím not dreaming. Then I wake up and realize I was dreaming. -_-

    My friend has a pet tiger/lion. It sleeps in her bed and everything. She saved it from being injured in the wild. I want to get a picture of myself with it because weíre living together. Iím kinda scared of it. I have a little dog that is jealous.

    D and I are moving to another town 20 minutes away. I have to tell my family Iím not coming back. It feel like a big deal. Iím trying to get rid of some of my food. I have a costco bag of romaine that nobody wants. I open up a jar of herbs and flies and gnats come out at me. Gross. I set the jar aside to return to the store for my money back.

    Ohio family playing bocce ball on apartment roofs. Jeremyís new gf is prettier than his last ones but she still looks like a druggie. She is protective of her neighborís clunker car that theyíre borrowing.

    Mom is looking for a new house bc sheís pregnant. We look at one and itís a standard 4 bedroom. We look at another and itís an 8 bedroom. I want it. Itís a little outdated but itís big, probably expensive. Thereís a sink and countertop in the living room. And a cool room for my stepdad to sleep in when mom is up with the baby. In that area there are three rooms within one room. I plan to use the other rooms as my office and gym, but I'm not sure how my sister and I will share.

    Graduated but still in nursing school. I have to take care of a guy on enhanced isolation. Heís a little annoyed but I plead with him and tell him Iím learning so much. A lot of people crowd into my room, even Mo. I tell him I tested his lat strength earlier by myself on a lat machine. Mo tells me they have to do that at home. I knew but forgot. People start talking story with each other and I canít remember what I was supposed to do with him. I'm looking through a notebook full of dates and then remember I had a list in my pocket. I pull it out and it's incomplete anyways. Someone shouts ďquiet!Ē and we get scolded for not doing our job and wasting our patientís time. A baby says something moving about just wanting to love her mom so much it will make her cry (I think her mom is Jen P.) and it makes everyone ďawĒ and some people cry. Everyone leaves.
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    1. m4ra's Avatar
      I loved that little detail about the little jealous dog. The little baby's confession was also really adorable.
    2. lunagoddess's Avatar
      Aw thanks! Well...I guess I can't really take credit for the work of my subconscious. But thanks for reading at least! ��