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    An Otherworldly Adventure

    by , 12-31-2015 at 06:17 PM (253 Views)
    Going skiing with D but Iím nervous and we canít agree on which skis to use. He thinks if we use cross country skis it will be too easy, but Iíve never used them so I donít know.
    Spoiler for NSFW:

    Doing a ritual with some kind of Native American priest. Iím the priest. Iím on a mattress in a cave on the water, covered with special blankets. I have to dive down and allow myself to have whatever spiritual experience that comes to me. I worry about my ear, but trust the process. I go into the water with my mattress and have a heard time swimming down but eventually make some headway and feel the mattress float back up. In my minds eye I start to see an image of two swinging industrial doors with a light shining behind its windows. I allow myself to enter into that image like a dream. The location I find myself in is an old, creepy, abandoned hospital. I see a menacing looking man running around, chasing a girl. Itís a scary image but Iím not scared because Iím a Native American shaman and Iím only on the astral plane. I chase them in a similarly menacing and scary way. They lead me into a dark part of the hospital with no lights and I am still not scared. An idea dawns on me, and I after some struggle I am able to grab the man. I pick him up, hold him, and bring him towards the girl until their faces are very close. I tell them, ďlove each otherĒ. They kiss and are reminded that they were romantically involved and have unfinished business together, which is why they got trapped in some sort of limbo. That action immediately transcends us to a different plane where it is night and a healing orgy is occurring. It is outside and there are people in hot tubs. A fight breaks out and a man is chased into a steel, green building and into a jail cell filled with water. He realized his captors are of a fish-type species. They are hoping to either kill him in this jail cell or imprison him like a fish in a fish tank. They laugh about it until they realize he has someway broken free. They chase him through the hallways all the way to an opening, where he jumps and they follow. The building was in space and now all of us are falling toward the earth. In the fall I wonder if the fish people are the inspiration behind the Ninja Turtles. The rate at which Iím falling is putting a lot of pressure on my abdomen and making it hard to breathe, I try to straighten out. I realize that Iím falling into London. I donít know where the others are falling. Once the man and I land we go to rent a car which comes with a rented kitten. We choose the cat thatís already outside and is meowing at us. We could go into a room to search for a cat but it seems too sad. We get in our little white car and drive out of the parking lot, but on our way we see an Asian man talking into a walkie talkie, looking for foreigners. He sees us and immediately knows weíre the ones. I tell my partner about it and he seems unconcerned. I remind him that the Ninja Turtles are asian. They follow us and try to block us from leaving the parking lot. But the police get involved and we get cleared to leave while the Asians do not. Yet they follow us illegally anyways to a hotel. We get into a big elevator and I refuse to push the button of the floor weíre going to. They start posturing and getting really close to my partner. I step in between them and my partner pushes me out of the way, he seems to think itís degrading that I would assume I could/need to protect him. The Asians start talking about a train ride they can take to get from China to California in 4 hours. Iím impressed. But how can they take a train between continents? My partner tell me they completed an intercontinental roadway between Europe and New York. How did I not know about that?

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