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    Running from Trump

    by , 05-21-2016 at 06:22 PM (577 Views)
    Me and someone else sneak out of a bad situation through the woods. We lie about where we were going and we zig-zag through the forest. There is a thin layer of old snow on the ground and everyone is barefoot. I wonder if it is cold but figure the sun is shining warm enough. We went through someone’s yard that was full of cacti and flowers. We ended up squatting in Donald Trump’s house. Me and my girlfriend lived there a few days. Then I started getting increasingly uneasy. We could hear Trump’s voice from a few floors down and I kept urging my friend to keep quiet, which upset her. She thought I was denying her friendship, I just wanted both of us to stay alive. That night she was telling me her life story and I was falling asleep when someone came and checked on the room. We hid between the bed and the wall. As I lay there I started falling asleep uncontrollably. After they left we heard housekeepers vacuuming and I knew it was only a matter of time before we got caught. I was terrified of getting caught. I understood in a way that this is a dream and if we get caught it will become a nightmare. What if I never wake up from it? I make the decision that we have to leave. I grabbed my stuff (some clothes, my phone, and laptop) and propelled out the window and down the building. The housekeeper yelled something sarcastic out at us as we left like “goodbye visitors”. We went to a little shack building right next door. I had to go back to the room for something and when I came back down an elk met me and spoke with me telepathically. He was basically like Oberon. We washed his slobber off of our hands in the snow then He guided me to cave where there were a couple more animals I could talk to and some kind of magic man. He kept changing to look like Jon Snow and he was scaring my friend. In the night I fled and was followed by two men who obviously knew how to fight. One of them was B. I went under a building and we were basically sparring on monkey bars. I told B, "I’m sorry but I’m going to have to kill you to protect myself." He laughed and then turned on the lights to show me that it was a training session and they had built this jungle gym in my favor. Eventually I drove back to see my friend. I asked A.W if she knew where the shack was moved to and she said it was the street after hers. I went and there were lots of similar looking shacks but the one I was looking for was first in line. It’s address had the number 30 or 03 in it. I went in and my friend was living with a man and working for Trump. I was disappointed.

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    1. Patience108's Avatar
      Sorry The whole Trump thing must be a nightmare you very much want to turn lucid and realise it's all a dream
      Nebulus likes this.
    2. Nebulus's Avatar
      Omg, pushed out of a house, then her gets your friend too. I think you should go back lucid like Patience said and go and whip his ass, seriously take him down.
      Interesting to know what this relates too, I mean I always have insecurities about losing friends and well everything LOL
      but it may relate to something current in your life.