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    Shameful Walmart and Personal Resistance (Lucid)

    by , 12-25-2016 at 06:58 PM (692 Views)
    ...We go to a spot in the airport overlooking a ballroom and I see myself on stage (there's 2 of me - me on a balcony watching me on stage). I am very curvy and I am surprised how beautiful I look. My dress looks nice even though itís inside out. It's a peachy orange color, long, with a satin texture. My hair has been curled and is thick, smooth, and shiny. Iím trying to dance but my face keeps cringing. Why? Thereís not much of an audience. As I look out on the ballroom I realize Iím dreaming, for no specific reason. Itís just a tiny thought that crept on me that I could have ignored, but it grew bigger and bigger until I remembered my intention to lucid dream. I suddenly have a microphone and make an announcement. ďExcuse me everyone, Iíd like to announce that I am dreaming!Ē Everyone clapped. I remembered to stablize so I spin, it does feel like Iím spinning but I donít like that it requires me to close my eyes and see blackness. I get concerned the dream will end, but it doesnít. Then I got the idea to announce, ďIíd like to take this opportunity to ask my subconscious if there are any issues it would like to bring up or address.Ē But I couldnít finish and get all the words out, partly because the microphone kept switching backwards in my hand, cutting off my announcement. Also because a large white and black house cat tried to attack me. I attempted to make the announcement multiple times but the same things kept happenening. Finally I give up. Now I'm in the audience and more people are flooding in and dancing. I decide to get on stage and dance. I try to jump up using lucid super skills and barely make it, but I still have to crawl a bit. However, I get distracted because to my left is the inside of a walmart. A woman is pulling her children out of a sale bin. They ate chocolate and pooped in there. Iím disgusted. Another woman is telling on her, sheís like the secret walmart police society. I decide that after I dance Iím going to burn walmart down as the December TOTM, I donít like walmart. Then it ends.

    My goal for 2017 is to have 12 lucid dreams (at least once per month). I'm counting this as #1 because I made my resolutions on winter solstice, which I also celebrate as a symbolic new year. I have no idea why I became lucid, but Merry Christmas to me!
    In the future, I will try other grounding and stabilizing techniques because I didn't love the spinning. I will also be sure to have more clear goals before I go to sleep.
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    1. Nebulus's Avatar
      Congratz on your lucid, and your new years res.

      Interesting the way, the dream was trying to stop you. I think this self sabotaging activity goes on mentally, most, if not all of the time for me.
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    2. lunagoddess's Avatar
      Thanks! Yes, it is weird how the dream was stopping me. I think everybody has a lot of self sabotaging thoughts going on subconsciously, but I don't have any good theories why.
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    3. Nebulus's Avatar
      It's because we fear. We fear what we don't want to happen. So we worry and by doing so we give those thoughts power.
      Those thoughts are our saboteurs.