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    1. Frustrating Dreams (Last of Spring Competition)

      by , 04-24-2016 at 05:39 PM
      +Disturbing dream about a woman in Trish’s house killing men and stealing their money. I don’t feel like it’s worth going into detail. It was like watching a show. I had commentary like, “She should be wearing gloves” or “the audio/subtitles are too early and repeat themselves.”

      *I was out in public with some lady and we took an escalator. It was really fast and there were metal bars and obstacles in the middle of the escalator that you had to avoid as you moved up. I ended up stumbling into people and felt embarrassed. There was immediately another escalator so I decided to take the stairs instead. There were steps initially but then it just became a gradual slope. I went to the bathroom and two little girls had somehow gotten into my pants and ruined my underwear? I was really upset about it and scolded them and then felt bad about it. I left and went back to Becky’s house in the country. On my way I was shirtless and getting checked out by men. I saw that one of the kids had gotten food all over my computer. I got some wipes to clean it up and was on the verge of screaming and tears. The wipes were too wet. I realized I was dreaming then but my level of awareness was really low. I decided to start the dream over and improve it with lucidity so I laid down and tried to turn back time by imagining I was the hour hand on a clock, spinning in a counter-clockwise direction. When I got up I was just dizzy and confused.

      +With D trying to go to sleep but he’s causing problems somehow. I decide I can’t sleep because I need to orgasm so I touch myself and climax almost immediately but stop because D wants to join. Then he keeps putting it off and doing other things and I get really frustrated. At some point I’m walking down a public aisle in our bedroom and it’s full of cats. One black cats looks like it wants attention so I move in to head butt it and it latches on to my armpit and won’t get off. D holds onto it and doesn’t know what to do so I end up prying it free. It left a hickey. Eventually we end up in Mexico. B is running a small business and A is reading a childhood letter she wrote to her dad and she's crying about it. Brett rudely interrupts about printer paper. A is talking about belly dancing and puts me on a three way call with a professional but the reception isn’t clear. Turns out it’s just B. But we go to the professional’s house and she has a list on her kitchen door of men who are adulterers. While we’re talking there’s a drunk, annoying black haired man hanging around and he takes down the paper. I put it back up and when he notices he asks if he can take it down. I exclaim, “No! You absolutely cannot! This isn’t your house, you have no right. Get out!” He obeys. D and I are hanging out in a field during a festival. The waves in the distance are really crazy. There are old buses on the water and on land everywhere transporting people to and from Mexico. D is frustrated because he wants to have sex with other women while in Mexico. I tell him the only way to do that is to have a temporary open relationship, meaning I get the same privileges. As I say that I start grinding on someone. I thought it was a girl but I look back and it’s a very happy man, so I stop. I lay on the grass and notice that gradually everyone around me is in a giant orgy. I don’t want to get involved because I don’t want STD’s and I don’t see anyone attractive. So D and I leave and set bombs in people’s drug fields (very nicely manicured ones). Then I’m in shack on the ocean that doubles as a bar. I’m trying to figure out how to get around. I don’t know what kind of dangerous, diseased animals live around here so I’m scared to get in the water. I end up falling in and having to try to hold onto a rope while pushing off of something to get myself over to a wooden buoy.
    2. 100% tall, curvy, and sexy (competition night #1)

      by , 04-11-2016 at 06:12 PM
      After not having a lucid in months, I got one on the first night of the competition! Woohoo! It seemed to be a combination between a DILD and a WILD so I'm not sure how to technically classify it, but here it is! As I was falling asleep initially I alternated using the mantra "Remember, I'm dreaming" with moments of quiet awareness. If I started getting any images I would briefly visualize myself recognizing them as a dream and say my mantra. During my wbtb I repeated the mantra continuously and tried to see it in my mind's eye.

      +I started having a dream about walking down a dangerous icy highway in the snow and dogs kept running in the road, I yelled at them to get out of the way because I didn’t have a brake. Two men commented to me about it. I had to hike up an icy ski mountain where a semi truck was driving the wrong way in my lane and found myself in a dungeon where creepy oracles had women shackled up and fucked. Then I noticed a mirror on the wall and remembered I was trying to WILD. I used the mirror as my anchor and willed myself deeper into the dream but with the intention of a different location. I became lucid in my bedroom. Like usual, everything felt weird at first, my body was vibrating and I felt a little disconnected - like I was a computer program with a lot of static. I jumped for joy and spun around to stabilize, everything lagged a little bit. I immediately thought of my 3 step challenge so I grabbed my phone from the living room. There was a black cat sitting on my back deck and it ran away when it saw me. I said, “Ok, when I turn the brightness up on my phone, it will get brighter outside.” It didn’t work so I turned the brightness down and up again. Then I turned it down another time and it became sunnier outside. Woohoo! I stabilized myself again by feeling the island of my kitchen. I needed to find a dream character so I try to leave my house by flying through the closed door. I end up somersaulting in the air, hitting it softly with my back, and slowly sliding down. So I decide to just open it and I see a white van pulling onto the property. A party chef van? I start doubting that I should go outside and talk to some random stranger at 3 in the morning. With my front door cracked so I could keep tabs, I started browsing the internet. Then I remind myself that I'm only dreaming and confirm it by noticing that my neighbor’s house is now a blue and white camper trailer. They’re having a party so I go outside and it’s a bunch of people I’ve never seen. I pick one random, average looking guy in a light blue and white polo with brown hair. He has a plate of food and is heading toward a picnic table. “Excuse me, can I ask you a question for some advice?” “Sure.” I open my mouth to speak and he says, “Oh, this is a question that I may not have the answer to!” And chuckled. A blonde woman walked by and said, “Yeah, the answer could be pig!” I proceeded, “What do I need to know in my life right now?” He didn’t contemplate long before answering, “That you are 100% tall, curvy, and very sexy.” Then he walked off. Wtf?