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    Skyrim: Unknown Challenger Part 1

    by , 11-07-2019 at 04:49 AM (130 Views)
    2019, 11-06

    Skyrim: Unknown Challenger Part 1

    Regular Dream - Video Game / Semi-lucid - Lucid Dream - Notes

    I am at my home. It looks like it is Thanksgiving. My mom is preparing a big meal and there are a bunch of people around that I donít know. I also see my brother and my grandmother, who are both dead. There is not much to be done to prepare dinner, so I go outside to wait. There are numerous vehicles parked in our yard. As I am standing there a really old Cadillac enters and parks carelessly behind another car. The door opens and my ex-boyfriend James steps out. Who invited him? I am thinking my mom invited him, though I canít imagine why. James gets out of the car and heads towards the house without seeming to notice me. I decide thatís fine and I also go inside. My mom now says dinner is not almost ready and we will have to wait a couple more hours. I donít want to talk to anyone around me so I go put on my VR headset and start up Skyrim VR.

    When the game starts I find Iím in the Palace of the Kings standing near Ulfric Stormcloak. Ulfric is sitting on his throne looking at me. I canít remember why I came in here. Ulfric says heís glad Iím here. I think heís going to say something else when I see someone behind me. The visitor smiles. He looks like Hiei from the YuYu Hakusho anime. He looks at Ulfric, then back at me. He asks if Iím here to kill Ulfric or should he go ahead and do it? Ulfric asks who in Oblivion Hiei thinks he is. I sense dark energy in Hiei, so I get between Ulfric and Hiei. I tell Hiei no one is going to kill UlfricÖ now what does he want here? He says that sounds good. He will try to kill Ulfric and I will defend him. I see Ulfric looking more annoyed. Hiei says he hates escort missions, so letís make it a straight fight instead. He and I will fight. If he wins, he will kill Ulfric. If I win, he will leave Ulfric alone. So will I accept that challenge?

    I say ok, Hiei against me, one on one. Ulfric asks Hiei what makes him think he can walk in here andÖ I interrupt and tell Ulfric to stay out of it. Ulfric starts to object again, but Hiei fires black tendrils from his hand and they effectively bind Ulfric to the throne. He says he agrees, Ulfric should stay out of it. Galmar tries to come into the room but Hiei blocks all of the doors into the room with a dark energy force field. He says now no one will interrupt us. There is a sound like thunder as Ulfric lets off a fus in Hieiís general direction. Hiei holds his nose and says he should kill the idiot for raising such a stink. He throws a blob of black stuff that covers Ulfricís mouth. He tells Ulfric to shut up, then he tells me letís get on with it!

    Since Iím playing Skyrim VR, the first thing I try to do is fus Hiei. That does nothing at all. Hiei makes fun of it, he says Iíd better be able to do something better than send my bad breath his way or heís going to have to level this whole city to make the trip here worthwhile. He sends out a bunch of tendrils like spears that actually punch right through my body, but I feel nothing but slight irritation as I look at the holes he made in my Assassinís Creed robes. In an irritated way I tell Hiei that he ruined my robesÖ thatís just rude. And I decide to go full Alex Mercer on his ass. I form my right arm into an Alex Mercer blade and cut his tendrils off. I absorb the part that has penetrated my body like Alex Mercer would in order to get a sampling of Hieiís energy. The wounds heal instantly. I am about to make another move but instead I wake up. I donít like how I left the dream so I roll over and focus on getting back into the dream, I manage a DEILD!

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