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    020116: The Chinese Restaurant, Balcony At A Wrestling Match, In The Afterlife

    by , 01-02-2016 at 09:51 PM (289 Views)
    The Asian Restaurant
    I approach a Chinese restaurant in a town where I spent my childhood, I look at the towns distinctive white architecture. It is in a weird place, by a forested park by the edge of the old shopping center. The day is a clinical grey one. I look at it, it looks interesting and unfamiliar, I see a blue neon sign. I enter it and meet a friend of mine and his girlfriend. I haven't seen them in a long time. The restaurant is small and has a long table in the center of it made of wood.

    My friend hands me a passport he said he found on the ground, saying there's something creepy about it. I open it and see that there is only a picture of our mutual friend in it with his name next to it and the issuing date that it Feb 1900. the rest of the pages are blank. How can that be? I look through the rest of the pages, they are blank until I begin to notice other pictures in it, other people. How odd it is.

    We order some sushi and eat it. I remember having some cash with me for a change and remember I have at least 17 bucks on me, it can't go over that I think to myself. The friend who was in the passport picture is also there now. We eat and I go outside as everyone went out to talk. I ask my friend how much the bill came out to and he says 90. I'm shocked, how could it be that expensive? That would mean I'd have to give him like almost 40 (in my dream calculation of it). I don't have that much, I wasn't ready to even give him all of the money I had. I give all of the 17 bucks to him and say shamefully that I'll have to owe him. He seems cool with it and to my relief says that the money I gave him covers my portion. I talk to his girlfriend, she smiles and is very nice.

    The Wrestling Match
    I'm at a show wrestling match. By the entrance where the wrestlers come in I hear someone call to me, I look up and see an opening over the entrance, an older man tells me to climb up to him. I climb a rope up to the opening in the wall that leads inside to another room. I look down and see how high up I am. I get scared and try to swing into the room. I succeed and feel relief. I follow the older man down the hallways backstage. He tells me it is obvious I just got lucky and had sex. I smile awkwardly and tell him "why hide being happy?". I feel confident and relaxed.

    We enter a cafeteria, it is well lit and looks like a school. It gets blurry, do I sit down with him? I think I see a Tunisian girl I knew in upper secondary. In an unclear transition I'm sitting in a machine shop. I'm surrounded by people who work there. Some of them are being pretty rude, laughing and not listening to anyone. They leave and someone in charge asks what can be done to improve conditions around the shop. I speak up, saying respect for others has to start improving. I also want to mention problems I have with another machinist. I then notice he's there right in front of me. I feel tense but continue, saying that he has to stop being so hard to work with.

    In The Afterlife
    Somehow the scene transforms. Everything looks similar but we are all now in an auditorium with a blackboard in front. A person in front says we are all in the afterlife now, we are all dead. We are going to be sent to the past/future to help save the world? The person writes down 4291.6 on the blackboard. This is the year we are going to. The person asks if there are any questions. A murmur springs up in the crowd and I raise my hand. I try to get my voice heard, I find an opportunity and say I have a lot of metaphysical questions I'd like to ask.

    As people file out of the auditorium I go next to the person who was holding the briefing, she is a pastor. My mind is racing with questions, there is so much to ask? How will we interact in the world of the living? What happens now? I start by asking who goes to the afterlife, adding that it probably Christians since she is a pastor but when I see the Tunisian girl there passing us in the hall I correct myself by saying it must be people from the Abrahamic religions? She says everyone goes to the afterlife when they die, there is now division. She mentions that she saw the Buddha in a park some time before. I say that it's great that everyone gets to come here. I make a mental note to look for the Buddha in the park after the mission.

    I enter a room that looks like a dining hall in a cruise ship. There is a stage in the front, far off to the right I see windows that give a little light to the otherwise shadowy room. I see people in military outfits, does this have something to do with what is going to happen, the mission? I see a stern older man in a military dress uniform, he looks almost like a fascist. People begin singing a song that is very traditional and nationalistic. I sing along, I see a woman is making sure everyone sings along. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't sing at all, not good at it.

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