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    171015: An Elevator and a Lunchline

    by , 10-17-2015 at 01:59 PM (350 Views)
    Dream Fragment:
    Sunny, on a higher floor of an apartment, it is very empty, big windows. I see forest and empty fields around. The sunlight is bright and golden afternoon sunshine.A friend I saw at a party yesterday is there and is offering food, cabbage soup I ate before bed. No bells ring in my head from this. Out on the balcony, I look on, is someone coming?

    Dream 1: Rick & Morty in a Weird Jumble
    On the floor of the apartment I get into a sleeping bag, it has Rick & Morty characters and scenes on it, I can make out Summer and Gerry in a hot air balloon going low over a grassy field with a tree on a starry night. As I get into the sleeping bag in some weird twist it turns into a hot air balloon and I try to get it off the ground.

    I'm in an office building, it has the same vibe as the previous dream, the same golden sunlight coming from large windows. I'm in the hall waiting by two elevator doors. I'm given a controller by a guy in a suit, it is a metallic rode with two buttons, one with an up arrow and the other with a down arrow. I enter the elevator and push the up arrow to go up. I assume it will only go up to the top floor. As we go up I press it again to make it go faster but we then rocket up and the guy grabs my shoulder and I press the down button to stop it. It feels like the elevator stops and reluctantly opens to the sixth floor. Did I break it? An elevator has to be able to go to every level, not just the highest and lowest.

    On the floor I see that Rick & Morty have been recruited to do advertisements for an agency. I enter an office and see that Rick has pony tail and sunglasses in a suit, he swings around in his swivel chair to face me. There are these sick robots taking over the place and it seem to me (not sure at his point) that the robots are using Rick to make propaganda for them. Realizing this Rick rips his shades off and yells, my view zooming into his open mouth.

    The robots are getting crushed and their wet circuitry inside them is being led off on conveyor belts to be recycled, Rick has saved the day?

    Dream 2: Lunch Line Madness
    I enter a school cafeteria to get lunch. It is large and looks like a gymnasium, no natural light, just overhanging flourescent lights giving everything a yellow tinge. I stand in line to get lunch, waiting to get my tray. I see a group of kids standing by the line but they are not following it, they don't move. I pass them, I hope they don't start yelling at me. I'm right by the milk machine, watching it spray four jets of milk into my glass, it will fill up quickly this way. Wait, how did I get here? Wasn't I in line? I turn around, I have a tray and the milk, fork and knife, but not plate and no food. I go and pick up a plate and try to get some food, I pass some kids, will they get angry that I passed them? I do and they don't say anything.

    I try to find the vegetarian food, it all looks vegetarian, lots of bean food there, not rice or pasta though. I look up at the menu, it says everything is vegetarian. A short, plump lunch lady to my right is refilling a tray with food, I double check with her, she says it's all vegetarian. I see another vegetarian friend to my right, she is taking a little of everything, I do the same, a green bean sauce and some salsa, it's full of protein.

    I go forward to sit down and look down at my tray, where did my plate go with all the food? Confused, I look around the lunch line, lunch is almost over and the lines are now empty, it looks like the cooks are ready to take the food away. As I look and look I can't find the plate anywhere, how could I have misplaced it? I worry, am I having some kind of dissossiative episode? Why can't I remember what I'm doing? (this is something that I've felt slightly IRL). I begin to worry I'll be left without food. I look for the plate but give up after going around the line again and again. I go to the only line with food left. There is only some scraps of some salad stuff with cheese, not as filling as the stuff I had. I take some greedily and go sit down.

    I sit with my friend and three other female students I don't recognize my friend asks if I got food. I angrily throw the plate of salad/melted cheese at the table saying they ran out of food. The plate slides on the table and almost falls through the crack between the table and the wall. I grab it, trying to pull it up from the radiator, embarrassed that I let myself loose control like that.

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