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    21032018: First nightmare in many years

    by , 03-21-2018 at 05:37 AM (154 Views)
    IN a school I find old piles of video game cartridges. I see Tetris and I'm excited, I show it to someone. Studying it further I notice
    it's not original, it's a newer one, I can tell by the color of the pieces. I secretly try to take them with me.

    In a large grocery store I hide them in the shelves. I see Gandolf is hunting me down, knows my plan and try to take the cartidges away
    from me by taking them from the shelves.

    I enter a narrow hall and get chased to the end by two large knight pieces, it's like a video game. At the end there is a final challenge,
    a young teenage girl needs to arm wrestle the last female boss, they argue over the rules, who goes first? She tricks her way to getting
    the rules to be in her favor.

    A narrow tunnel like place again, like a children's playground thing they had in McD's. As I crawl Jussi Jahkola comes up behind me, I
    make a Zen comment/joke. His skin is cold and clamy. I see a woman ahead of me. As I approach her she morphs into a weird swirl of flesh,
    it excites and arouses me but fills my mind with wonder. I can barely comprehend her form, it is something I can't understand, some
    alien sex god.

    I enter a military base. The enterance is wooden and makeshift. I see a general enters, I suddenly become the guard? I write "WAR GENERAL"
    on a scrap of paper and give it to him as if it's his clearance pass.

    In the base it's like a grocery store and I swing on vines made of food like lemons, limes, canned goods. It's like Willy Wonka's
    factory except it's everyday food items. I see a girl and her mother are there. She is trying to get her to go somewhere. There are
    fantasy-like creatures all around.

    A female researcher is transporting a nerve agent with her family. I'm outside in the morning, the sun is rising, I'm by some cliffs like
    the ones in Tempeliaukiokirkko. As she makes it to the end of the rocks I senses something is wrong.

    Inside the compound again. It is like a store and a library, rooms are seperated by plexiglass walls. There is an alarm, a nerve agent is
    released in the air. I panic and try to get out. I try to hold my breath in a futile effort to save myself. I have to breathe in and I
    feel all the nerves in my body burning like they are on fire. People are panicking and trying to escape but get stuck by a door that is
    locked. A woman next to me, in her 40's, with short grey hair and glasses turns to me, she has brown eyes. She is going mad with fear,
    wonders why the nerve agent isn't killing me. She attacks me with another woman and tries to bite me, as if eating me will make her immune
    to the gas. I am swallowed by the churning ocean of people and I feel myseld getting ground up by some large mechanical and unhuman thing,
    like a machine-god eating up the mass. As I'm consumed by it my final thought is "there is nothing special about a single human life."

    I wake up shocked and terrified, it takes about half an hour to go back to sleep, I imagine horrible things happening during the trade
    fair I'm going to the next day.

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