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    260915: A weird girl, getting shot by a helicopter, new X-files episodes.

    by , 09-26-2015 at 07:43 AM (364 Views)
    I'm in a fancy department store by the magazine racks. Down the fine wooden spiral staircase I hear some commotion. I see a group of security guards carrying off a bald, young hooligan. He is trashing around a lot and they are having a really hard time getting him out. I see some of his friends around him as well, some girls as well, they all have the same style. I can't help but keep staring at the scene, despite knowing better. They end up having to drag a few other guys from the group away as well. I watch them drag them to the front door that's by the magazine racks and to my left. It's a grey day.

    I see Hannibal Lecter at the magazine racks (the Mads Mikkelson version) and he talks about a dinner party he is going to throw with his psychoanalyst.

    I am on the drive outside a very American looking house in a suburb. It's a blue summer evening. A young woman comes up to me, she seems a bit quircky and spontaneous. She offers me line of cocaine on a wooden coffee table she has on the drive, there is a sofa next to it. Looking a the lines they are made up of mangled letters like they were cut out of a magazine.

    She sits on the sofa, now pretty messed up, laughing. As she goes picks up some beer from a crate to the left I remember (in the dream) that we used to date. How weird.

    On the table there are some cough drops she says will really mess me up. For some reason, I take one. I turn my head to the right and see a bunch of of people dressed like gang members swarm on a house across the road. I panic and I try to usher the woman and her friend into the pickup truck behind us to hide, maybe they won't see us. Inside the truck the women panic, they are on the driver's seat, and try to get out to sneak into the house. I try to follow them but I'm not fast enough to follow, the car door slams and I can hear the gang members surround the truck. I have my hands over my head, telling them not to shoot, I'm in the passenger seat, feeling the tension of the situation bearing down on me. After a while of verbal threatening they let me out, they are all laughing. Outside the car they show me a picture of myself in the passenger seat they had taken, my expression is fearful. I wonder how I can make sure to never end up in a situation like this ever again.

    I'm by a small bridge going over a snowy river in the country. It's a grey day. I'm walking over it with Kelsey Grammer. I sense it's war time. A helicopter is coming right at us and we panic, where to go? My body feels heavy like I can't run or dash anywhere. I follow Kelsey Grammer into the water as he jumps over the bridge, I fear that the water is going to be cold. Underwater I try to swim away, hearing the helicopter shoot at the bridge and hearing rounds entering the water. A few of them hit me, I feel them pass through my arm and body with a sharp pain. A peace comes over me. Did it kill me? I breathe in, I worry about getting water in my lungs but as I slowly breathe in no water comes in. (!) I must be on the surface. I wake up.

    I'm in a diner kind of place in a desert. I meet Mulder and Scully, there are new X-files episodes out. I see some large boxes, like over-sized season boxes, they are black and look fancy. Each has a new episode on it. I pick one up that has a formaldehyde container in it, the episode is called "The Bone King" and the vile has the monster of the episode in it. It's a boney, tough worm. Looking at the boxes I realize that I missed the new episodes when they came out, how is that possible? They apparently came out years ago.

    I hear about an episode that had Eminem as a guest. The episode is the reason he can't make any movie decisions by himself again. Suddenly I'm in the episode and outside the diner. I see agent Reyes. We are to go hunting for a type of monster the locals have been using to make a popular kind of deep-fried nuggets. To a open space to the left of the diner I see lots of the monster walking around, they look like chicken nuggets with legs and a thin tongue coming out. I dash into the herd. I then see one of them that looks different, is he mutated or something? It has many segments to it. It is grabbing people with a tentacle ans swallowing them whole, where they go into a stomach portion to get digested. Agenet Doggett gets swallowed. How will Scully save the day? She shoots the stomach portion, blowing it up.

    Fragments: See the Cigarette Smoking Man outside a dark house at night with rest of the crew, he looks very ghastly and disgusting, must be a spirit form of him. For some reason Doggett has some loyalty to him.

    In a tour bus, I see a picture of Mulder and Scully with Chris Carter. Wait a minute, aren't Mulder and Scully real? Chris Carter is written into my dream (?) as having written the X-files based upon the "real" thing. Mulder talks to Chris Carter, gushing with excitement.

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