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    1. 040116: Going Back In Time, Marching In The Military, Yale Admission Interview?!?

      by , 01-05-2016 at 01:02 AM (The Dream Journal)
      I dream a comment I made on Reddit get close to 10,000 upvotes. How is that possible?!?!?

      Going Back in Time
      I'm in a hotel room, like a motel in the US. I look down at my cellphone. In some weird twist, I go back in time. Now it is a day before. My friend enters the room, stands by the door and tells me to get my stuff together. I look down back at my phone, confused. It is now an old version of a cellphone, like from the 90's and the screen is so small it's hard to read messages. I try to fight my lethargy and get going.

      Back in the military, Inception crew?!?!?
      I'm in my childhood neighborhood. The sun is up, feels like an autumn morning. I am walking around, looks nice. I'm back in the military? I have to match. At some point I have to run, it's like a orienteering exercise. I really don't want to run, haven't ran in some time. To my surprise it is very easy and I actually enjoy it.

      I make it to a bridge going over a highway, there are trees on either side. Were am I supposed to go?

      I'm in a tight alley in the city, the walls on either side are tall and obscure the sky. I'm driving a car haphazardly, my mom is in it as well. It suddenly turns into something like a bike, the pedals are confusing. My old friend from childhood and his wife (who I by pure coincidence bumped into today) pass on their own motorized bike.

      I make it to the center of the city by the sea. I meet the crew from Inception (!?!). They have stolen a nuclear reactor and have hidden it under some paving rocks by the sidewalk, through the cracks I can see it glow with white light.

      The Yale Admission Tent
      I enter a large white tent like something you'd find in a wedding. There is a a massive amount of people in the benches behind me as I face two tables. They are the Yale admission board (?!?!) and this is the interview portion of the admissions process. It has the feel of a game show or a talent show, the audience behind me. I'm pretty sure I have no chance of getting in but since I've been thrust in this position, I'll just do my best as least not to embarrass myself. I put on my best outgoing persona and get ready for anything.

      On the table to the left there is a bunch of people who look like administrators. They shuffle my papers and prepare to ask questions. A person walks up from the table next to it, on my right. It is reserved for students in the student union who also are a part of the admission interview. A fairly plump and young student walks up to me and asks what books I've read recently. A sting of panic hits me, I haven't really read anything notable in the last few months, at least no fiction. I try to stir up anything I've read. I mention a friend of mine gave me the Lord of the Rings book that I've been re-reading as an emergency lie. I also mention reading the Song of Ice and Fire books, waiting for The Winds Of Winter as a namedrop. This is not going well.

      I approach the student union table. I see my report card from school on it, it looks dirty and tattered, as if it's been stepped on with muddy boots.Behind it there is a circle of young students sitting on the grassy ground. They begin asking me weird, pretentious riddles (like something I saw in a Gilmore girls episode) and I do my best to answer but think it's BS.

      Back in my childhood home, I'm hungry for tortilla chips. I eat tortilla chips.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    2. 030116: A Vague Mess

      by , 01-03-2016 at 01:19 PM (The Dream Journal)
      Only disjointed elements in memory.

      A vague memory of wondering if I'm asleep or not. (!) As to what I did afterward, nothing remains.

      I see an old friend from school, he is by a large house at night in the yard. Candles in lanterns light the yard. We go inside, there are some of his friends in there, young women. He mentions that he can show his back if it really is something people want to see, as if someone asked him to show it. I think he just made it up to be able to have an excuse to show off a tattoo. He takes his shirt off. I see a disgusting, long wart protrude from his side. I think I get a glimpse of a light green tattoo but it is really small.

      Waking up on a mattress on a floor, I'm with a female friend of mine and her brother. We are all waking up, the light in the kitchen has an orange-sepia tone to it. Her brother complains that someone was drilling in the night and it woke him up. He says he was the only one to wake up to it. I don't remember waking up. I am a very sound sleeper.
    3. 291215: A Really Boring Dream About Standing In Line For Lunch

      by , 12-29-2015 at 09:30 PM (The Dream Journal)
      I was in a hall, looks like an old school hall. The light had a bright but sepia tone to it like afternoon sunlight. I was standing in various lines waiting for lunch. The lines were quite confusing and it was hard to find out where I was supposed to stand. There were dull, savory pastries being served in a broth. There were various kinds, some with meat, others for people with allergies.

      Jees, what the hell happened to my dreams recently. They are even more boring than my real life these days.
      dream fragment
    4. 281215: I Put A Cat Into A Carrier

      by , 12-28-2015 at 05:42 PM (The Dream Journal)
      A vague memory of being in a place like a recording studio with some people, recording some kind of lost melody.

      I'm in an apartment like my friends old place, the sun is setting mysteriously. I call up to an attic to get a cat down. It comes down with surprisingly little fuss. I pet it and carry it, it doesn't like that as much. I have to put it in a carrier, my mom can't decide which one. The cat is clawing me and pushing up against me, I'd like her to make up her mind.

      That's all she wrote.
    5. 131215: Vague Dream of Being in a Store, Computer?

      by , 12-13-2015 at 11:47 AM (The Dream Journal)
      Don't remember much from last night.

      In a large grocery store?

      Sitting in my school hallway with a computer. Pornography flashes on it, has anyone noticed? I try to go to reddit.com to cover it up but naked pictures still flash. It's like the computer is now "filthy" and always on the verge of flashing something obscene.

      I see a hand-drawn hallway. It's from a angle and has a style that reminds me of Fallout 2. There is a door to the right on the wall of the hallway drawing. Going inside it launches a dialog with a small mustached guy, 3D graphic like Fallout 2, who says some stuff. This is one of three locations that need to be accessed for the mission.
    6. 261115:Vague as shit, something about being in a Amusement Park and a Secret Ninja?!?!

      by , 11-26-2015 at 10:18 PM (The Dream Journal)
      I'm in a place like a giant Chuck-e-Cheese's, there are multiple floors of cushioned walls and nets. I am walking around and meet a dreadlocked guy I know from school. I show him a green, poorly done, tattoo on my wrist that identifies me as part of the same ninja secret society he is a part of. We climb up to a higher floor where we look down and look out for trouble, some group is doing shady stuff in the park, we have to keep an eye out.

      Vaguely remember playing with a small arcade cabinet.

      Go to a kiosk nearby my house to load my bus card, hear a guy welding to repair a magazine stand. The welding pistol is a screwdriver. I go up and ask if he needs help.
    7. 101115: Mario Donkey Game, Writing on a Road-sign, Gin&Tonic and 121115: Vague dream of a loud TV

      by , 11-24-2015 at 07:20 PM (The Dream Journal)
      I'm in an unfamiliar bedroom. I begin playing a red-tinted Mario game, like a Virtual Boy game. Mario is riding a donkey and has to dodge pills and geometric shapes as he move to the left. He gets hit and the donkey runs off like Yoshi in the Super Mario World games. I get really into the game and "become" Mario. I dodge the now 3D and in full color geometric objects and pills with great finesse. I've become really good at the game.

      By the beginning of a forested path at night near my old school. I try to send a text message to an old school friend of mine but the message gets turned into a reflective road sign next to the path, the smiley I used in it looks weird on a road sign.

      I turn around and try to contact my friend on Facebook with a laptop, he doesn't respond but his wife does. I begin to see an image of a person drinking Hendricks gin on a grainy video feed. The club is lit with blue light and the guy throws the bottle away and turns around, walking clumsily toward the exit. He's wearing a bear skin and has long hair and a big beard, feral looking.

      See my sister and she offers me a Gin and Tonic with cucumbers in it. Don't really want to drink but I take a sip with gratitude, I don't want to offend her.

      I'm in an apartment that looks like Dexter's from the series Deter. Sunlight through the window. I look into the fridge for food, so much stuff in it but not much that interests me.

      A vague memory of being at my friends house, the TV is on really loud. Another friend says we should turn in down before the neighbors complain. I agree and we turn down the volume. Another friend enters, I ask him what's up.
    8. 081115:A Fragment of an Embarrassing Trip to the Bathroom

      by , 11-08-2015 at 10:26 AM (The Dream Journal)
      I'm in a machine shop. It's pretty large, it has an office area and large dividers with Plexiglas windows. I'm going to head off to the main hall but I have to use the bathroom. As I go to the toilet bowl I see that the divider in front of me is really low and I can see right over it but more importantly people can see me taking a whizz. I see a woman who works at the office looking at me in a strange way and I duck down try to pee in a weird crunched up ball with my back bent
    9. 071115:Wallet Full of Cash, Teacher Giving Rides

      by , 11-07-2015 at 02:21 PM (The Dream Journal)
      Finding a Wallet in the Trash
      In my old room from childhood, but lots of the details are different. Grey day outside, a bit dark. It's really messy, something that caused a lot of anxiety in me as a teenager. I see a cardboard box with a little trash in it, it has a picture of a goth girl smoking in it. As I turn away, I suddenly want to take another look at the picture. The box now has a black trash bag in it.

      I open it and it has a sleeping bag in it. It has drugs in it. A guy's friend had thrown it out to keep his friend sober. The sleeping bag also has a wallet in it and it is full of cash. I feel excited about it but I know I should return the wallet, cash and all.

      Outside it is a sunny day in the center of a city, there is a used book store. Outside a car parks, the guy comes out with the friend who threw out his drugs and wallet and the friend's girlfriend. The guy is angry at his friend for throwing out the wallet, although I get the impression that the guy knows his friend's intentions were good. I know why he is so angry since I saw all the cash in the wallet. I struggle, should I give it back?

      Back in my room, I see a teacher of mine. He is looking for his wallet. I give it back to him, cash and all, and he is really relived. I feel good that I did the right thing.

      Motorcycle Ride
      Outside a store near where I live, my teacher is giving people rides on his motorcycle through the grey day on the winding road, trees on either side. I feel myself lean as we make the bends, he stands on the stirrups of the bike to get balance, he isn't worried about crashing. Back outside the store there is a hotdog stand where people are going to get a greasy snack to eat.
    10. 251015:Funeral Home and Some Weird Spirits

      by , 10-25-2015 at 08:09 AM (The Dream Journal)

      Outside the old apartment I lived in childhood. It's dark. I see a leather jacket on the ground, looks like a biker jacket. A spirit lives on it?

      In a funeral home, it's very shadowy. It's a place where you can leave your bodily fluids on the coffin to feel closer to the dead. I go down a cramped elevator, my hand it wet with goo and it feels disgusting.

      I see Homer and Marge from the Simpsons and an alternate version of them. They are a lighter color and have totally different personalities.

      In a hypnogogic state, I feel a cat jump on my back and walk up to my head and falls asleep on it.
    11. 201015: A Vampire and a German Airport

      by , 10-20-2015 at 03:36 PM (The Dream Journal)
      Mostly fragments. I tried WBTB with no success.

      Dream 1:A Vampire Comes Knocking
      I outside on a dark autumn evening, a large gravel field is to my right, a house in front of me. Eric, from True Blood, tries to get inside but can't since he wasn't invited in. He's now trapped between two doors leading to places he hasn't been invited. He just waits for the police to show up. Jail must suck if you live forever...
      I walk out to the gravel field in the moonlight.

      I go into the house. In the attic room I see my friend's two cats, the one that is big and the small one that is white.

      Dream 2: In the Airport
      I'm in an airport, I think it's a German one. It's overcast outside. I try to find my way to the plane I need to make, where is the gate? There is a large crowd. I see some people getting off of a plane, one is carrying a paper bag with Zen enso on it, he must have come from a convention. I wonder where it was, I'd like to go.

      Turning around I see a busy friend of mine in the crowd.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    12. 141015: A Mess of Weird Fragments

      by , 10-14-2015 at 09:47 AM (The Dream Journal)
      Dream 1:ish
      I'm walking in someone's backyard in a garden along a stone path. It's a party run by Bill Cosby. As I walk down the path made of individual stepping stones I feel that they are very hot and have to walk briskly so I don't burn the soles of my feet.

      In an old villa, there is an exhibit on show that describes the haunted history of the place. I see old grey pictures on displays, a door is presented as a part of a haunted house, it's white and sepia from dirt. Getting too close to it is not a good idea.

      Dream 2
      I'm in a house on the second floor. Train tracks run through the house, the far wall is almost gone and I can see the cool blue summer sky at night. I run to put something onto the tracks and as I do I see a train rumbling down. I try to place the object (a ceramic key, perhaps?) so it stays on the rail and then run for it. The train swooshes by crushing the object. I do this again with another object as well. It's rewarding and therapeutic.

      I'm with an older guy, like a dad. He looks like Jefferson D'Arcy from Married with Children. This is his kids room. I see Marcy D'Arcy as well. As they leave the son, a kid who's like 14, hands me a bong and wants to play video games. I reluctantly carry the bong around as he gathers some games to play. I leave the bong on the floor as I gather some stuff on the ground. I follow the kid down to his room that's now to the right.

      His parent's come back and as they enter the room from the hallway the kid asks me about the bong. I realize that I left it on the floor in the other room. I try to walk out past the parents and to the bong. I pick it up and try to hide it by carrying it behind me at an angle. The parents come and ask me why I'm standing so oddly. Defeated I show them the bong. They are shocked and I immediately take the blame, saying that it's mine. I don't want the young kid to get in trouble and it's my fault they saw it as I left it so carelessly. I tell them I'm about to throw it out as I don't do that stuff anymore.

      I plan to go outside and hide it so the kid can pick it up later. The dad follows me and offers to show me a place I can throw it out. I insist that I don't need any help and I find it really annoying that he is following me so very closely to ensure that the bong gets thrown out. I walk somewhere toward the kid's room and now it's dark and shadowing and jazz musicians are playing in the back-lit shadows.

      Dream 3
      Phasing straight from the previous dream, I'm outside in a concrete city suburb. Large daunting concrete apartments rise from around, a few trees in concrete planters. I walk up to a skate park, I see concrete skate ramps covered in tags. Can I put mine there somewhere? There's no good places, I lack the courage anyhow.

      Dream 4
      I'm walking down a gravel path down the forest by my house. It's a very sunny autumn day. I find a place by the rocks to crouch and drink a beer. (???) I'm supposed to meet a woman soon, I'm somehow Skyping with her. She is a hardcore, tough as nails kind of person that reminds me of a friend of mine.

      I walk down the path and see ice slicks in the yards. I walk down one, it's the yard of an old woman, she has a little frozen gnome statue. I slip and fall on the ice.
    13. 131015: Cool guy Keeping Cats Dry.

      by , 10-13-2015 at 08:56 AM (The Dream Journal)
      A very vague night of dreams. Tried WBTB, faded in and out of a light sleep.

      Vague image of a X-Files episode set in Australia, in the dusty outback. Mulder by the back of an open trunk of a jeep?

      Dream 1
      Rainy rivers form on the slanted hill of asphalt outside an industrial hall, the sun is rising behind the trees lower down, the sky is a purple-orange. I try to get a large stagnant puddle moving down the hill with my feet, kicking water to the left and then down the small trickle of a river. It's not very efficient. I think Batman comes up, am I working for him?

      A group of feral cats come up by the puddles, they are thin and weird looking like the Devon Rex breed. I look at one, a bit confused. At least I'm getting rid of the water, it won't bother these cats anymore.

      I'm walking down a narrow and dark shopping mall hallway, there is a restaurant to the right. A mother and daughter exit the place and pass right in front of me with trays of noodle soup. Looks good.

      I enter the well-lit central Metro station. It's like I'm back in high school, there are young kids around forming cliques. There are some mean girls sitting by a group of desks in front of a chalkboard right in the middle of the metro station. They are talking about a picture on the back page of a newspaper,it's a risque picture of one of the unpopular girls in white lingerie posing for an ad? as they laugh I'm acting indifferent and cool. I try to give the impression that I don't care for this kind of high school stuff, I walk away in a plaid shirt like the badass cool kid, feeling really tough.
    14. 091015: On the brink of lucidity, tuning a car radio/TV, psychonautics manuals.

      by , 10-09-2015 at 04:10 PM (The Dream Journal)
      All these are fragments.

      In the dark, I realize that I'm asleep. I see only darkness. The state I'm in is very fragile, I spin in a circle to try to stabilize the dream but then darkness swallows me whole and no memory remains.

      I'm in a car going down a desert road on a grey day. I'm tuning a car radio. It has a small TV screen. I see Christina Aguilera on the TV screen. She is on the panel of a talent show. She begins to suck on the microphone stand in front of her on the desk very suggestively. All I can think is that the microphone stand must be pretty dirty, why put it in her mouth? For the shock appeal?

      I'm in a cabin kind of place, although the place looks pretty modern. On the floor I find three colorful manuals on psychonautics, they look very interesting. I take them with me and put them in a black velvet bag. My trip to the outskirts of society won't be boring after all, I am sure to learn some very interesting skills.

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    15. 081015: On the water on a grey day, being aggressive, becoming an instructor

      by , 10-08-2015 at 07:43 PM (The Dream Journal)
      I'm on the water of a lake on a grey day. I think I''m floating on something like a log. I float away from the rocky shore, there is a bit of a sheer cliff by it, trees on either side. My grandfather and sister are there. I try to make my way back. My grandfather tries to pull me in but suddenly I zoom in the opposite direction at great speed. I fall into the water and I immediately fish for my cellphone from my jeans pocket, it can't get wet. To my surprise it's still working. I try to swim to the opposite shore where my grandfather and sister are.

      In an industrial warehouse kind of place at night. The windows are all black. There are bright, yellowish lights coming from the ceiling. I see two young kids I know, they are being very annoying and aggressive, walking all over me and not listening to me. I have to stand up for myself. I begin to fight with them, we struggle as we fight. They run off and hide to catch their breath. I'm with another person I can't remember who is helping me fend them off. I feel bad for being so aggressive, can't these kinds of things be resolved peacefully? They come at me again and I have to fight them.

      I'm at the metal shop, I'm talking to a guy who's asking me if I want to be an instructor here. I say I could, but I only Inventor (a CAD program) and still need practice with SolidWorks (another CAD program). He says that's ok, or just bypasses my comment, and we go deeper into the shop.
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