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    1. 21032018: First nightmare in many years

      by , 03-21-2018 at 05:37 AM (The Dream Journal)
      IN a school I find old piles of video game cartridges. I see Tetris and I'm excited, I show it to someone. Studying it further I notice
      it's not original, it's a newer one, I can tell by the color of the pieces. I secretly try to take them with me.

      In a large grocery store I hide them in the shelves. I see Gandolf is hunting me down, knows my plan and try to take the cartidges away
      from me by taking them from the shelves.

      I enter a narrow hall and get chased to the end by two large knight pieces, it's like a video game. At the end there is a final challenge,
      a young teenage girl needs to arm wrestle the last female boss, they argue over the rules, who goes first? She tricks her way to getting
      the rules to be in her favor.

      A narrow tunnel like place again, like a children's playground thing they had in McD's. As I crawl Jussi Jahkola comes up behind me, I
      make a Zen comment/joke. His skin is cold and clamy. I see a woman ahead of me. As I approach her she morphs into a weird swirl of flesh,
      it excites and arouses me but fills my mind with wonder. I can barely comprehend her form, it is something I can't understand, some
      alien sex god.

      I enter a military base. The enterance is wooden and makeshift. I see a general enters, I suddenly become the guard? I write "WAR GENERAL"
      on a scrap of paper and give it to him as if it's his clearance pass.

      In the base it's like a grocery store and I swing on vines made of food like lemons, limes, canned goods. It's like Willy Wonka's
      factory except it's everyday food items. I see a girl and her mother are there. She is trying to get her to go somewhere. There are
      fantasy-like creatures all around.

      A female researcher is transporting a nerve agent with her family. I'm outside in the morning, the sun is rising, I'm by some cliffs like
      the ones in Tempeliaukiokirkko. As she makes it to the end of the rocks I senses something is wrong.

      Inside the compound again. It is like a store and a library, rooms are seperated by plexiglass walls. There is an alarm, a nerve agent is
      released in the air. I panic and try to get out. I try to hold my breath in a futile effort to save myself. I have to breathe in and I
      feel all the nerves in my body burning like they are on fire. People are panicking and trying to escape but get stuck by a door that is
      locked. A woman next to me, in her 40's, with short grey hair and glasses turns to me, she has brown eyes. She is going mad with fear,
      wonders why the nerve agent isn't killing me. She attacks me with another woman and tries to bite me, as if eating me will make her immune
      to the gas. I am swallowed by the churning ocean of people and I feel myseld getting ground up by some large mechanical and unhuman thing,
      like a machine-god eating up the mass. As I'm consumed by it my final thought is "there is nothing special about a single human life."

      I wake up shocked and terrified, it takes about half an hour to go back to sleep, I imagine horrible things happening during the trade
      fair I'm going to the next day.
    2. 020116: The Chinese Restaurant, Balcony At A Wrestling Match, In The Afterlife

      by , 01-02-2016 at 09:51 PM (The Dream Journal)
      The Asian Restaurant
      I approach a Chinese restaurant in a town where I spent my childhood, I look at the towns distinctive white architecture. It is in a weird place, by a forested park by the edge of the old shopping center. The day is a clinical grey one. I look at it, it looks interesting and unfamiliar, I see a blue neon sign. I enter it and meet a friend of mine and his girlfriend. I haven't seen them in a long time. The restaurant is small and has a long table in the center of it made of wood.

      My friend hands me a passport he said he found on the ground, saying there's something creepy about it. I open it and see that there is only a picture of our mutual friend in it with his name next to it and the issuing date that it Feb 1900. the rest of the pages are blank. How can that be? I look through the rest of the pages, they are blank until I begin to notice other pictures in it, other people. How odd it is.

      We order some sushi and eat it. I remember having some cash with me for a change and remember I have at least 17 bucks on me, it can't go over that I think to myself. The friend who was in the passport picture is also there now. We eat and I go outside as everyone went out to talk. I ask my friend how much the bill came out to and he says 90. I'm shocked, how could it be that expensive? That would mean I'd have to give him like almost 40 (in my dream calculation of it). I don't have that much, I wasn't ready to even give him all of the money I had. I give all of the 17 bucks to him and say shamefully that I'll have to owe him. He seems cool with it and to my relief says that the money I gave him covers my portion. I talk to his girlfriend, she smiles and is very nice.

      The Wrestling Match
      I'm at a show wrestling match. By the entrance where the wrestlers come in I hear someone call to me, I look up and see an opening over the entrance, an older man tells me to climb up to him. I climb a rope up to the opening in the wall that leads inside to another room. I look down and see how high up I am. I get scared and try to swing into the room. I succeed and feel relief. I follow the older man down the hallways backstage. He tells me it is obvious I just got lucky and had sex. I smile awkwardly and tell him "why hide being happy?". I feel confident and relaxed.

      We enter a cafeteria, it is well lit and looks like a school. It gets blurry, do I sit down with him? I think I see a Tunisian girl I knew in upper secondary. In an unclear transition I'm sitting in a machine shop. I'm surrounded by people who work there. Some of them are being pretty rude, laughing and not listening to anyone. They leave and someone in charge asks what can be done to improve conditions around the shop. I speak up, saying respect for others has to start improving. I also want to mention problems I have with another machinist. I then notice he's there right in front of me. I feel tense but continue, saying that he has to stop being so hard to work with.

      In The Afterlife
      Somehow the scene transforms. Everything looks similar but we are all now in an auditorium with a blackboard in front. A person in front says we are all in the afterlife now, we are all dead. We are going to be sent to the past/future to help save the world? The person writes down 4291.6 on the blackboard. This is the year we are going to. The person asks if there are any questions. A murmur springs up in the crowd and I raise my hand. I try to get my voice heard, I find an opportunity and say I have a lot of metaphysical questions I'd like to ask.

      As people file out of the auditorium I go next to the person who was holding the briefing, she is a pastor. My mind is racing with questions, there is so much to ask? How will we interact in the world of the living? What happens now? I start by asking who goes to the afterlife, adding that it probably Christians since she is a pastor but when I see the Tunisian girl there passing us in the hall I correct myself by saying it must be people from the Abrahamic religions? She says everyone goes to the afterlife when they die, there is now division. She mentions that she saw the Buddha in a park some time before. I say that it's great that everyone gets to come here. I make a mental note to look for the Buddha in the park after the mission.

      I enter a room that looks like a dining hall in a cruise ship. There is a stage in the front, far off to the right I see windows that give a little light to the otherwise shadowy room. I see people in military outfits, does this have something to do with what is going to happen, the mission? I see a stern older man in a military dress uniform, he looks almost like a fascist. People begin singing a song that is very traditional and nationalistic. I sing along, I see a woman is making sure everyone sings along. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't sing at all, not good at it.
    3. 171015: An Elevator and a Lunchline

      by , 10-17-2015 at 01:59 PM (The Dream Journal)
      Dream Fragment:
      Sunny, on a higher floor of an apartment, it is very empty, big windows. I see forest and empty fields around. The sunlight is bright and golden afternoon sunshine.A friend I saw at a party yesterday is there and is offering food, cabbage soup I ate before bed. No bells ring in my head from this. Out on the balcony, I look on, is someone coming?

      Dream 1: Rick & Morty in a Weird Jumble
      On the floor of the apartment I get into a sleeping bag, it has Rick & Morty characters and scenes on it, I can make out Summer and Gerry in a hot air balloon going low over a grassy field with a tree on a starry night. As I get into the sleeping bag in some weird twist it turns into a hot air balloon and I try to get it off the ground.

      I'm in an office building, it has the same vibe as the previous dream, the same golden sunlight coming from large windows. I'm in the hall waiting by two elevator doors. I'm given a controller by a guy in a suit, it is a metallic rode with two buttons, one with an up arrow and the other with a down arrow. I enter the elevator and push the up arrow to go up. I assume it will only go up to the top floor. As we go up I press it again to make it go faster but we then rocket up and the guy grabs my shoulder and I press the down button to stop it. It feels like the elevator stops and reluctantly opens to the sixth floor. Did I break it? An elevator has to be able to go to every level, not just the highest and lowest.

      On the floor I see that Rick & Morty have been recruited to do advertisements for an agency. I enter an office and see that Rick has pony tail and sunglasses in a suit, he swings around in his swivel chair to face me. There are these sick robots taking over the place and it seem to me (not sure at his point) that the robots are using Rick to make propaganda for them. Realizing this Rick rips his shades off and yells, my view zooming into his open mouth.

      The robots are getting crushed and their wet circuitry inside them is being led off on conveyor belts to be recycled, Rick has saved the day?

      Dream 2: Lunch Line Madness
      I enter a school cafeteria to get lunch. It is large and looks like a gymnasium, no natural light, just overhanging flourescent lights giving everything a yellow tinge. I stand in line to get lunch, waiting to get my tray. I see a group of kids standing by the line but they are not following it, they don't move. I pass them, I hope they don't start yelling at me. I'm right by the milk machine, watching it spray four jets of milk into my glass, it will fill up quickly this way. Wait, how did I get here? Wasn't I in line? I turn around, I have a tray and the milk, fork and knife, but not plate and no food. I go and pick up a plate and try to get some food, I pass some kids, will they get angry that I passed them? I do and they don't say anything.

      I try to find the vegetarian food, it all looks vegetarian, lots of bean food there, not rice or pasta though. I look up at the menu, it says everything is vegetarian. A short, plump lunch lady to my right is refilling a tray with food, I double check with her, she says it's all vegetarian. I see another vegetarian friend to my right, she is taking a little of everything, I do the same, a green bean sauce and some salsa, it's full of protein.

      I go forward to sit down and look down at my tray, where did my plate go with all the food? Confused, I look around the lunch line, lunch is almost over and the lines are now empty, it looks like the cooks are ready to take the food away. As I look and look I can't find the plate anywhere, how could I have misplaced it? I worry, am I having some kind of dissossiative episode? Why can't I remember what I'm doing? (this is something that I've felt slightly IRL). I begin to worry I'll be left without food. I look for the plate but give up after going around the line again and again. I go to the only line with food left. There is only some scraps of some salad stuff with cheese, not as filling as the stuff I had. I take some greedily and go sit down.

      I sit with my friend and three other female students I don't recognize my friend asks if I got food. I angrily throw the plate of salad/melted cheese at the table saying they ran out of food. The plate slides on the table and almost falls through the crack between the table and the wall. I grab it, trying to pull it up from the radiator, embarrassed that I let myself loose control like that.
    4. 161015: A Game of Go Followed by a Bomb and Ritual Sex Magic?

      by , 10-16-2015 at 01:17 PM (The Dream Journal)
      Dream 1: Board Games at a Party
      I'm playing chess at someone's house party it seems, I'm in a room where there are only a few people talking on a sofa behind me. I get up and see a teacher of mine, he is a fairly simple kind of guy. He asks me if I play a lot of chess and I say yes, and I also occasionally play the board game Go. He asks me what the game is and I try to describe the rules. As I describe the whole idea of surrounding, he mentions that he feel like he can already play the game, as if the rules transcend human concepts. I think that's pretty insightful. He proceeds to drink a glass of water only using one half of his mouth. I mention that there's a girl from a rough neighborhood here at the party and I hope to be able to show her how to play the game. I try to talk about her in a way that does not sound condescending.

      Dream 2: A Bomb and a Weird Sex Ritual?
      I'm on a pier like in LA, the sun is just about to start setting. Ben Stiller is in a role trying to get Jonah Hill to go to prison to save his girlfriend. They are both dressed in ridiculous 80's clothes, Jonah Hill has a crazy mullet and a handlebar mustache. It feels like a movie. Ben Stiller is a cop and that's why he can't go to jail himself. Jonah Hill says no one will believe that he would go to jail, especially if his friend was the one to lock him up.

      I walk past them to the pier. A bomb goes off, there is pandemonium. I look around, I see the destroyed target, a trailer that was on the pier. I go under it and find the terrorist who were responsible. Now they have to go into hiding, a young women asks if she can join them, she is young and easily persuaded.

      I'm in a dark, church-like place. A middle-aged woman is having sex, she is lying on the edge of a table. I see something vague, I'm not sure if it's that I can't remember or if it was just hard to make out. I see a line of creatures, the size of fingernails(were they actually fingernails?!?!). They have something to do with the sex.

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    5. 260915: A weird girl, getting shot by a helicopter, new X-files episodes.

      by , 09-26-2015 at 07:43 AM (The Dream Journal)
      I'm in a fancy department store by the magazine racks. Down the fine wooden spiral staircase I hear some commotion. I see a group of security guards carrying off a bald, young hooligan. He is trashing around a lot and they are having a really hard time getting him out. I see some of his friends around him as well, some girls as well, they all have the same style. I can't help but keep staring at the scene, despite knowing better. They end up having to drag a few other guys from the group away as well. I watch them drag them to the front door that's by the magazine racks and to my left. It's a grey day.

      I see Hannibal Lecter at the magazine racks (the Mads Mikkelson version) and he talks about a dinner party he is going to throw with his psychoanalyst.

      I am on the drive outside a very American looking house in a suburb. It's a blue summer evening. A young woman comes up to me, she seems a bit quircky and spontaneous. She offers me line of cocaine on a wooden coffee table she has on the drive, there is a sofa next to it. Looking a the lines they are made up of mangled letters like they were cut out of a magazine.

      She sits on the sofa, now pretty messed up, laughing. As she goes picks up some beer from a crate to the left I remember (in the dream) that we used to date. How weird.

      On the table there are some cough drops she says will really mess me up. For some reason, I take one. I turn my head to the right and see a bunch of of people dressed like gang members swarm on a house across the road. I panic and I try to usher the woman and her friend into the pickup truck behind us to hide, maybe they won't see us. Inside the truck the women panic, they are on the driver's seat, and try to get out to sneak into the house. I try to follow them but I'm not fast enough to follow, the car door slams and I can hear the gang members surround the truck. I have my hands over my head, telling them not to shoot, I'm in the passenger seat, feeling the tension of the situation bearing down on me. After a while of verbal threatening they let me out, they are all laughing. Outside the car they show me a picture of myself in the passenger seat they had taken, my expression is fearful. I wonder how I can make sure to never end up in a situation like this ever again.

      I'm by a small bridge going over a snowy river in the country. It's a grey day. I'm walking over it with Kelsey Grammer. I sense it's war time. A helicopter is coming right at us and we panic, where to go? My body feels heavy like I can't run or dash anywhere. I follow Kelsey Grammer into the water as he jumps over the bridge, I fear that the water is going to be cold. Underwater I try to swim away, hearing the helicopter shoot at the bridge and hearing rounds entering the water. A few of them hit me, I feel them pass through my arm and body with a sharp pain. A peace comes over me. Did it kill me? I breathe in, I worry about getting water in my lungs but as I slowly breathe in no water comes in. (!) I must be on the surface. I wake up.

      I'm in a diner kind of place in a desert. I meet Mulder and Scully, there are new X-files episodes out. I see some large boxes, like over-sized season boxes, they are black and look fancy. Each has a new episode on it. I pick one up that has a formaldehyde container in it, the episode is called "The Bone King" and the vile has the monster of the episode in it. It's a boney, tough worm. Looking at the boxes I realize that I missed the new episodes when they came out, how is that possible? They apparently came out years ago.

      I hear about an episode that had Eminem as a guest. The episode is the reason he can't make any movie decisions by himself again. Suddenly I'm in the episode and outside the diner. I see agent Reyes. We are to go hunting for a type of monster the locals have been using to make a popular kind of deep-fried nuggets. To a open space to the left of the diner I see lots of the monster walking around, they look like chicken nuggets with legs and a thin tongue coming out. I dash into the herd. I then see one of them that looks different, is he mutated or something? It has many segments to it. It is grabbing people with a tentacle ans swallowing them whole, where they go into a stomach portion to get digested. Agenet Doggett gets swallowed. How will Scully save the day? She shoots the stomach portion, blowing it up.

      Fragments: See the Cigarette Smoking Man outside a dark house at night with rest of the crew, he looks very ghastly and disgusting, must be a spirit form of him. For some reason Doggett has some loyalty to him.

      In a tour bus, I see a picture of Mulder and Scully with Chris Carter. Wait a minute, aren't Mulder and Scully real? Chris Carter is written into my dream (?) as having written the X-files based upon the "real" thing. Mulder talks to Chris Carter, gushing with excitement.