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    beach boy

    by , 08-21-2011 at 01:26 PM (362 Views)
    Good morning, everybody.

    Dream #1

    I had walked away from a group of people. I was now out walking on a beach. It was a sunny day. I was walking up toward a cluster of small sand dunes rooted with little clumps of brownish and greenish grass.

    I met up with a boy, maybe twelve or thirteen years old. I had known him from the group of people I had walked away from. He may have been the son of someone in the group. The boy was kind of tall, about my height (I'm kind of short), a little skinny, but muscly, darkly tanned, with slightly messy, brown-black hair. He was wearing red, knee-length swim trunks and no shirt.

    I just thought I'd be cool and say hey to the boy. But he started asking me questions about my life, as if he was really interested in me. The boy started asking me why I was taking business trips to Philadelphia and Chicago, did I like taking those trips, and why did I like taking them?

    The boy even seemed to be attracted to me, which I couldn't quite believe, and which seemed a little weird to me. But I may also have felt attracted to him.

    We walked over the cluster of dunes and were in some kind of small valley of sand. One side was bordered by the dunes. The other side was bordered by some kind of small ledge of brown or dark tan stone.

    The boy and I sat down near the ledge of stone. The boy sat with his legs bent out casually in front of him, and his hands joined together so his forearms were wrapped loosely around his knees.

    I sat down and explained to the boy that I just took business trips because I was told to. It was something I did to further my career. I liked Chicago and Philadelphia. But that wasn't why I went to those places. (IWL I have never taken any business trips.)

    I may have felt that the boy was going to try to kiss me or that I wanted to kiss the boy.

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