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    car crash and burnt body

    by , 07-22-2011 at 12:19 PM (456 Views)
    Good morning, everybody.

    Dream #1

    It was night. I was in a car with either my mom or my sister. We were going through some mountainy area, probably just outside town. My mom or sister was probably the one driving. We were winding up some hill on a wide road.

    We passed a car crash, which was just to my right. The car looked pretty huge, like a van, but maybe twice the size. It was completely wrecked, smashed, and burnt. It may even have been upside down. I may have thought that it was smashed almost completely flat. The car was surrounded by huge police or medical vehicles.

    As we passed the front of the vehicle, I tried to see inside. I couldn't see any bodies, so I assued that the police had pulled the people, living or dead, out of the car by now.

    But then I saw a body with its top half laying out of the driver's side (?) of the car. The body was burnt beyond recognition. It looked all skinny, dry, and featureless. It had a greenish-brown color, and its skin was more like ashy rock than skin. Its eyes were just slits, and its mouth was a gaping hole. The body was probably still smouldering and smoking.

    I felt like we had known the person in the car crash. The person may even have been a family member. I felt like we should have determined whether this was the person I'd thought it was. But we kept on driving.

    We were probably heading toward some kind of suburban neighborhood or residential complex in a small town in the hills just beyond us. We may actually have pulled into this neighborhood.

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