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    chinese missile; g-dragon album; laruku song

    by , 09-24-2011 at 01:46 PM (380 Views)
    Good morning, everybody.

    The new designs for the Dream Views site are pretty cool!

    Dream #1

    A TV show. A missile had been launched over some part of America, possibly on the west coast. I saw what looked like some landforms in a huge river or else some chain of islands in very shallow water. I saw this from a couple thousand meters in the sky.

    A man then discussed what he had seen. The man seemed to be in maybe his late thirties or early forties. He was pretty tall, kind of overweight, and kind of pale. He had wide, blue eyes, and a kind of long, walrus-like moustache. He wore a black t-shirt and a baseball cap.

    The man had apparently worked at some point in his life as a missile expert. He began discussing some of the contrails he had seen coming out of the missile.

    The man knew, from the contrails, what exact kind of chemicals were in them. The man listed the chemicals. From the chemicals, the man knew this missile was a Chinese nuclear missile. But the man was less concerned with the fact that the missile was nuclear than with the harm that could come from the contrails.

    There was now a view, which the man had apparently prepared, of the missile rising up over the landscape I had previously seen.

    The contrails were visually altered by the man, so that they now appeared blood red. The man had colored the contrails red so they would be easier to see. The man wanted people to see something very specific about the shape or the motion of the contrails.

    Dream #2

    I was in a record store. I was at the front end of the store, looking through some kind of bin attached to the wall. I was flipping through a bunch of CDs.

    I found some CDs by the K-Pop rapper G-Dragon. There was some new album that I found by him. I wanted it. It may have had a price tag of $49.99 on it. I may have been holding some other CDs. I took the CD I wanted to the register, at the back of the store.

    The man at the register sat down at a desk like a receptionist's desk. The top was higher than the cashier's actual desktop. The man pulled out a "for sale" copy of the CD I'd wanted. There was some price on it like $129.99. I thought that was a horrible price to pay for a CD.

    I told the man that I probably didn't want the CD after all. I'd thought it was a lot cheaper. The man didn't seem to quite hear me. He was now opening up the CD case and fumbling through the contents of the CD. There were a few different sleeves, like from G-Dragon's old albums.

    I thought that perhaps this CD was actually a collection of all of G-Dragon's albums. But I didn't think he'd actually made enough solo albums to justify a CD for $129.99. Then I realized that G-Dragon had actually made six solo albums. So $129.99 seemed like an okay price, even though I still didn't want the album.

    I may have told the man that I'd go back to the front and get the album I'd seen and wanted -- the cheaper album. I then somehow got talking to the man about how I liked G-Dragon. I may then have discussed Big Bang, the band G-Dragon had been a part of.

    Dream #3

    I was walking down in a tunnel of a subway station. It was a long corridor between different platforms. It was wider than a lot of corridors -- almost as wide as a street and sidewalk.

    I walked past a little rock band that seemed to be made up of middle aged men. The band was playing a song that sounded very familiar to me.

    I was either the only one or one of the very few people walking down the corridor. But as the band stopped playing, a man and a woman may have walked past the band. They asked the band who had made the song they'd been singing. The band said Sting had made it.

    But I suddenly recognized the tune from a L'Arc en Ciel song I liked a lot. In my dream, I mistakenly thought it came from the album SMILE. I had walked past the band. But now, realizing the tune, I turned around and ran back to the band.

    The band seemed to be breaking apart, as if they were done with their performance. There seemed to be a couple of Latino guys and maybe an Asian guy, a black guy, and a white guy. I got their attention before they all walked away.

    I asked them if the song they had been singing was by L'Arc en Ciel. One of the men told me no, that the song had been written by Sting.

    I then told them I thought the song was a lot like a L'Arc en Ciel song on the album SMILE. I told them I would play them some of it from my phone. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and began scrolling through what I thought was my list of albums.

    But instead, I was getting nothing but a bunch of photographs of SUVs. There were green, red, beige, and steel-grey SUVs. I had nothing on my phone, apparently, but photos of SUVs.

    I was kind of panicked, and I tried to tell the band members that I had completely forgotten how to pull up the songs on my phone. All I could do was pull up photos.

    One of the men said something like, "That makes sense. You're down in the subway. You can't access sound. You can only access images."

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