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    devil's deal

    by , 02-05-2012 at 04:39 PM (636 Views)
    Good morning, everybody.

    Dream #1

    A woman was possibly moving down a series of dark hallways or a cave. Somebody was following the woman, possibly the devil, some demon, or a big criminal like a mass murderer. The woman was glamorous, like Kim Novak in the Alfred Hitchcock movies.

    The being had made a deal with the woman He wanted her help, and he would share his wealth and power with her. But the woman had declined. Now the being was following the woman to kill her. If she was going to know about his work but not work with him, she couldn't live.

    The woman was now in some big, wood-floored room filled with yellowy-white light. It was like some room up on the deck of a nice ship. But it was completely empty. The woman stood facing the door on the stern side of the ship.

    The being stood on the other side of the threshold, facing the woman. I couldn't see the being -- in fact, I may have been seeing from his viewpoint --, but the being now seemed to be as tall and wide as the doorway, and to have a very Devil-like appearance.

    The woman faced the being and told him again that she couldn't work with him. But now there was a man in the room with the woman.

    The being had posted up a $1,000 bill on one of the rafters of the ship's room. The being was using it as a test, to show the woman how unworthy the man was to work with him. The being, after posting the bill, mentioned a hidden $100 bill to the man. The man said that there was no incentive in working for the being for only $100. He walked away.

    The being had disappeared. After the man had walked far enough along the deck, toward the bow, so that he could no longer see the woman, the woman went to the rafter on which the $1,000 bill had been posted.

    I was now seeing from the woman's point of view. The woman took the bill. The being had made a deal with the woman that if the man was too stupid or lazy to look for the $1,000 bill, the woman could take it. The woman had also been tied to the man previously. But now that the man had walked away, the woman was free of him.

    The woman still wasn't going to work with the being. But she did feel a bit of fondness for him. And she did feel flattered that someone as skilled as he was would treat her as nicely as he did.

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