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    drawings and lectures; radioactive bullets; melissa etheridge video

    by , 03-21-2011 at 11:43 AM (393 Views)
    Good morning, everybody.

    Dream #1

    I was at a table with an old friend. The table may have been wide. Possibly we were each actually sitting at two round tables. I was showing my friend some drawings. One of the drawings was of a tyrannosaurus being attacked from all around by a bunch of smaller dinosaurs, like velociraptors.

    For some reason, I felt like I had unconsciously taken elements from a story my friend had written and put them into my drawing. I tried to explain to myself how I hadn't done that, and how my drawings were original.

    My friend and I, still sitting at the table(s), were now at the back end of some audience watching a performance at some bandshell. It was night. My friend began telling me about a series of lectures. There were apparently ten lectures. They all had to do with the monolith (like from 2001). Each lecture took place in some different level of some location.

    I saw the program for the lectures. Each lecture had its own page-long description. Each page was made to look like a blue night sky full of stars.

    My friend tried to explain to me where the lectures were located. It was somewhere in New York City that I should have been pretty familiar with. I said the name of some place out loud. My friend looked at me, disappointed that my knowledge was so lacking regarding New York City that I would think that was the location he'd meant.

    Dream #2

    A narrator spoke about some secret test performed by the military. A view showed a group of people like zoo workers releasing a rhinoceros into a lake in some kind of dusty, deserty area in the wild.

    The rhinoceros walked out into the lake and began swimming. Once the rhinoceros was at a certain distance, one of the zoo workers shot something at it, right at the bridge of its nose. The narrator explained that this was a radioactive bullet that would penetrate the rhinoceros' brain.

    The rhinoceros now looked more like a hippopotamus. The place where the bullet had entered didn't even have a scar. It was like the bullet had been extra small. But the hippo was already beginning to feel the effects of the radiation. It was getting incredibly angry. It started roaring and snorting.

    As the hippo swam to shore, the narrator explained that the radiation was already beginning to eat away at the "rhinoceros'" brain tissue, making it uncomfortable and uncontrollably aggressive.

    The hippo was now ashore. But it was now a gorilla. It lay on its back, roaring in anger and writhing. The narrator explained that now the "rhinoceros" was completely paralyzed. But the decay process in its brain would now slow down a lot. The rhinoceros would lay there paralyzed and decaying for forty days before it would finally die.

    Dream #3

    I was watching some Melissa Etheridge video that was apparently from the 1980s. The song was a kind of post-war style song in a 1980s style. The video was very stagey, with a pinkish orange backdrop, before which different thin elements would shift back and forth, depicting scenes such as the home, the office, and driving.

    The song and video all related to different girls Melissa Etheridge had been in relationships with. One scene showed Ethedridge at a computer (which may have been on the hood of a 1950s car) while a really pretty office girl fawned over her. But then a really pretty black girl came up and started kissing Etheridge. Etheridge and the black girl walked away. The office girl looked heartbroken.

    In another scene, the office girl was leaning over the hood of a 1950s style car. A few other pretty girls were by this car and another car. Etheridge walked into the scene. All the girls were vying for Etheridge's love, but it was somehow implied that Etheridge wouldfall in love with the office girl.

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