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    1. Great-grandmother's jacket and eyeglass lens

      by , 10-29-2010 at 11:48 AM
      Good morning everybody. I remember one dream from last night. It feels a little fragmented.

      I was at my great-grandmother's house. The house was lit by grey daylight coming through the windows. My great-grandma was either close to dying or else she had just died (although in waking life she died about a year ago). A lot of the family was at her house.

      I had been wearing a red flannel jacket, which reminded me of a red flannel jacket my great-grandma wore. But I had taken it off.

      Some people, probably including my mom and sister, had started doing the laundry. They might have started doing everybody's laundry, because we had been at my great-grandma's house for so long.

      Now my sister had a red flannel jacket. She was looking all over the house for it, but she couldn't find it. Some other family members, probably including me, were trying to help her find the jacket. My sister was probably also blaming other people in the house for having taken the jacket. They knew how much it meant to her, because it either was or was like the jacket my great-grandma always wore.

      At some point, I was laying on my stomach on the floor in the living room. Before me, just to the left (my left) of the TV, was a laundry basket full of clothes. The basket was full of all kinds of random clothes, including either a bride's gown or a bridesmaid's gown. I could tell the clothes were still dirty. It was like my mom and sister had planned to do laundry but then just left the job.

      I could see a red flannel jacket or sweater at the bottom of the basket, under all the dirty clothes. I knew it was mine. At last I'd found it! So I took it and put it on.

      I was now walking through a store that feels now to me like a mix between a grocery store and the perfume department at Macy's. It may have been night. There were other people in the store.

      I walked around in the red flannel jacket. I wondered if it was good to wear a jacket that had been sitting at the bottom of a basket of dirty clothes, some of which had been quite smelly.

      I reached my hand into one of the pockets. I pulled out an eyeglass lens, probably for the right eye. The lens was big, for really big, old eyeglass frames. I knew it was a lens for one of my great-grandmother's eyeglass frames.

      I now remembered, as if it had happened in some earlier part of the dream, how one of the lenses had popped out of my great-grandma's glasses, and how my sister had been panicked looking for the lens.

      As I walked through the grocery store I thought how it was only natural that the lens would end up in the jacket pocket. After all, the lens must have popped off near the jacket. Then the jacket had been buried in the laundry basket where nobody could find it.

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    2. Interrupted sex, interrupted party, roach

      by , 10-28-2010 at 11:49 AM
      Good morning everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in a bedroom with a woman I don't recognize. The woman was white, with pale skin and brown hair. The bedroom was dim, as if heavy curtains blocked the windows. The room may have had grey carpet. The woman lay on a mattress on the floor. She was naked.

      I crawled over to the woman and lay on top of her. I may have actually started having sex with her. But then somebody else, one of my friends, possibly D, made it known that he was coming into the room.

      I got off the woman. The woman, now wearing a satiny, blue dress with a long skirt with slits all the way up either side, just turned on her left side and let her skirt flow between her legs. I thought that, in that position, she still looked almost naked. I may have even told her something like she looked like she was still inviting someone to have sex with her.

      I went back to sitting or kneeling at the foot of the bed. The guy came in and was doing something weird. Then he walked into another room. The woman started complaining about the guy, calling him immature.

      I told the woman that I recognized that same kind of behavior pattern in myself, and that I was trying to get rid of it, so I could be more mature.

      At the beginning of my response, I was watching a set of boxes that were stacked against a wall being replaced with orange cushions like couch cushions, as if movers were walking up, taking away the boxes, and leaving cushions in their place. At the end of my response, I was standing about ten feet away from the woman's mattress, near the head of the mattress.

      I may have walked into the kitchen, off to my right. This may have been the same room the man had walked into.

      Dream #2

      My mom was throwing a party at her house. We were in her living room, which was empty except for a long, narrow folding table on which was food.

      The living room was dim, as if the only light was coming from some other room. I could see through the front window that it was pitch black outside. There were a few people here, all gathered listlessly around the table. Nobody seemed engaged with the party at all.

      Some kind of conflict occurred. People started leaving the party. My sister even left the house. I followed after my her, trying to make sure she was okay.

      I opened the front screen door. I really couldn't see anything outside. But I heard my sister call my aunt "mom." This shocked me so much that I went back inside. I tried to figure out what my mom had done during thr party to offend my sister so much that she had started calling my aunt "mom."

      Dream #3

      I was in a small meeting room which was brightly lit with fluorescent light. There were a lot of people sitting in folding chairs with white, plastic backs. I sat near the front, in an outside chair on the right side of the room.

      Suddenly, from behind me, there was a commotion. I stood up and turned around to see what was going on.

      The chairs were now all in disarray behind my row. The floor was also cluttered and messy. A pretty, young, Asian woman stood out of her seat, screaming, "What is it? What is it?"

      I looked down to the floor and saw a roach about an inch long scurrying toward the front of the room.

      Everybody seemed to be panicked. I don't like roaches, but I tried to explain that it wasn't such a big deal, and that I could even kill it if they wanted me to. But I hoped they wouldn't want me to, because it would be gross.

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    3. VW Beetle and Cadillac, dimension pool

      by , 10-27-2010 at 11:53 AM
      Good morning everybody. I remember two dreams from last night. But my memory of both is a little fuzzy. I took some NyQuil last night because I have a cold.

      Dream #1

      I had just gotten off a plane. I got into an old, baby blue VW Beetle, which was in something like an underground parking lot. I'm not sure exactly what I did in the Beetle, because I didn't move the car.

      I walked up into some kind of terminal corridor at the airport. There were very few people around. The place looked old and dim. I walked though this terminal and into another parking garage.

      I was walking through this parking garage as if I were just going to walk straight out of the airport. But then I remembered that I had a car in this parking garage, and that I needed to drive it home. It was actually my mom's car. It was a Cadillac, like from the 1970s.

      I turned around and walked back in the direction I had come from. I may have been able to see back into the terminal, which may now have looked like a big, empty living room with a big concession stand in it.

      I found the Cadillac parked so it faced a concrete wall. I got in and began to pull it out of the parking space. I figured this would be a fine car to drive back to my mom's house.

      But then I remembered that I already had my mom's other car, the VW Beetle, parked in the parking garage on the other side of the airport and way underground.

      I stopped the Cadillac, trying to figure which car I should drive back to my mom's house. I hated the Beetle. But it was my mom's car, and I would have to bring it back to her. I couldn't figure out how I could get both cars home. I also couldn't figure out how I'd gotten both cars here in the first place.

      I pulled the car back into the parking space. Something about that action felt so good that I did it again and again. I couldn't quite get the car between the lines of the parking space.

      I began imagining myself as a businessman from the 1970s: a tall, white, handsome man with blue eyes, a silly kind of permed hair-do, and a full but well-trimmed beard. The man's hair was brown but greying a little. The man wore a very slim grey suit with a pale blue shirt.

      Dream #2

      A man and woman in their 40s or 50s were trying to escape from some group of people. The man and woman ended up in a room in a building like a mansion. In this room, you would perform some kind of ritual and it would do something like make you immortal.

      The man had gotten the woman to undergo this ritual before the people had come. The view had been from outside the room, so I couldn't see what had happened inside the room.

      Now it was like everything had started all over again. The man and the woman went to a few different places. Then they ended up being pursued by people who didn't want them to do the ritual.

      The man and woman were on the run. They were back at the mansion. They stood inside a dim, wood-walled room. They were trying to unlock and open a huge, heavy wood door. There was a feeling of urgency, as if the people pursuing the man and woman could be here at any moment. The lights in the room were flickering on and off, as if it were thundering inside.

      Finally the man and woman got the door open. Beyond the door there was a lot of flashing. I was really curious what this whole thing was about, and I didn't want this "movie view" from outside the room. I really wanted to see what happened in the room.

      I now identified with the man. I was him. I stood in the room. The room was wide and square, and it was almost entirely taken up by a strange pool. The pool seemed to be filled with clouds rather than liquid. The clouds may also have been flashing, as if with lightning. I now understood that this pool was some kind of portal to another dimension.

      The man and woman knew the people were coming. So they had to jump in the pool. The man/I decided to go first this time. I jumped out really far and did some kind of twirling diver move.

      I began descending through the clouds. There was white light and a calm, but almost electric, feeling all around me.

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    4. Strawberry chocolate pie, friend and girl

      by , 10-26-2010 at 11:31 AM
      Good morning. I remember two dream fragments from last night.

      Dream #1

      I was sitting indoors at a table with either a woman or a man. The table was big and solid, like a work table, but almost as low as a children's table.

      A woman, possibly a young, Asian woman, began bringing out a bunch of desserts. Almost all the desserts had the theme of being sliced like pie and being made out of chocolate that looked like actual strawberries. They just looked like pie slices made out of fresh, raw strawberries. But the strawberries were really chocolate.

      The last dessert the woman brought out was different. It was like a tray of different kinds of chocolate. But the chocolate was all colored white and gold. There might also had been some biscuit-like things in with the chocolate. The tray this chocolate was in was wooden, pale, and sturdy.

      Dream #2

      I sat somewhere with a man, who was a friend of mine (though I don't recognize him now) sitting to my right. We were inside or under some kind of structure, but we were looking out at a wide view of a sunset, possibly at a beach. We sat on a ledge of wood, in what now feels like an empty frame where something like a breakfast bar had once been.

      The light from the sunset was intensely golden orange, filling the atmosphere and giving everything a metallic shine.

      I knew that this guy liked a certain girl. I had been kind of flirting with the girl a little bit, too, though I don't think I was really interested in her. I decided to give the girl up so there would be no misunderstanding between me and my friend.

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    5. Fetish mall

      by , 10-25-2010 at 12:00 PM
      Good morning. This dream is kind of weird. I think it's also just a fragment.

      I was in a busy mall full of people. The mall had a lot of very narrow corridors, rather than a few wide corridors. The storefronts may have been small and packed with items like tall posters or stands made to look like anime charcters. The place was extremely packed with people.

      I knew this was a "fetish mall," a mall filled only with stores catering to people's various fetishes. I had been here before (possibly in the first part of this dream, which I may have forgotten).

      An attractive, young woman poked her head out of one of the storefronts. She was pale, with long, brown hair, a blue or green t-shirt, and blue jeans.

      She asked me some question about the store she was about to go into, something about whether the fetish comics in the store were appropriate for women as well as men. I told her that it was fine if she wanted to read them. She nodded and popped her head back into the store.

      I continued walking through the crowds of people. I wondered either why a woman would want to read fetish comics made for men or why a woman would ask permission to do so, especially permission from some person she didn't even know, like me.

      I turned left, into another fetish store. The inside of this store was huge. It seemed like a big bookstore, but it had other stuff in it. I think it actually may have looked like a cross between a bookstore and a dollar store.

      I didn't look around very much. This place wasn't as crowded as the corridor had been, but it was still very busy. Plus, I felt like I was going somewhere with purpose. I felt like my feet were walking, almost gliding, toward a certain place on their own. But I also felt like I knew where I was going, like I'd been there before.

      I felt like one of the higher ups at my old job, a woman who in waking life had been extremely supportive of me, was following me. I then felt like a lot of people were following me, mostly people I'd known from work.

      I walked down a staircase that had a sign above it. The sign was white with red capital letters. It listed the items being sold below.

      I was downstairs. It looked like a department store, a cheap department store. There were some displays showing bed sets, some displays showing living room sets, and some displays showing toilets. Sometimes all the stuff was mixed together.

      A woman off to my right caught my attention. She was maybe in her late 50s or early 60s. She had red hair, tanned skin, and thin eyes. She wore a blue dress. Her hair was arranged a little weird, almost shoulder length, but permed out to one side, so she looked lopsided.

      The woman directed me into an area full of lingerie. She intended for me to try on certain items. I wondered if that would be alright. After all, would they really want a guy touching that stuff, especially if he didn't intend to buy it?

      The area the woman led me into was a big, red room. There was nothing, or very little, in the room. There were dressing rooms along the right wall.

      We walked past a table of black and red underwear. They looked kind of satiny and lacy. A sign over them said "2 for $5." I thought maybe I should buy a pair of these right now to wear while I was trying on this other stuff the older woman had for me. That seemed polite to me somehow. But I decided instead to wear my own boxer briefs while I tried stuff on. But I felt bad about that, as if it were rude of me.

      The woman stood me in front of a dressing room. She began showing me different articles of underwear. She went into great detail on their design, showing all kinds of things like stitching. But I really wasn't interested in this. The more I looked at the panties, the more they somehow looked to be made out of the same fabric as basketball jerseys.

      The woman now showed me a pair of panties that she said were made with padding. I couldn't figure out why they'd need padding -- maybe to give women a better shape? I looked at them. They looked like a mix between underwear and diapers.

      The woman told me to feel the padding. So I did. It looked like the inside of a diaper. But it felt like bags of sand, like the tiny sand bags in weight-exercise bracelets.

      I looked at the underwear again. They looked like a mix between Ace Bandages and diapers. The price was written in pencil on the bottom: $19.50. I thought, That's a bit much, for something I'm never actually going to wear.

      The woman said, "This pair is the first thing I'd like you to try on." She motioned me into a dressing room stall.

      The stall was barely large enough to fit me. It was dimly lit. I was mostly undressed, except my underwear. I thought I'd keep them on. But now I had nothing on. I was holding the diaper-thing in my hand. I was looking for all my clothes.

      Now I had nothing at all. I was trying to figure where I'd put everything. Now I realized I'd actually thrown everything over the dividing-wall between stalls. The dividing-wall was just above my head. I reached over to discover the other stall packed with clothes, all the way to the top of the divider.

      I kept reaching over the divider, trying to find my clothes. I even tried to find the diaper-thing figuring that that article of clothing was almost mine anyway, and that it was better than nothing. But I kept pulling up completely unknown articles of clothing. All this time, the changing stall may have gotten smaller and smaller.