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    Fang-masked girl

    by , 01-17-2011 at 02:44 PM (493 Views)
    Good morning, everybody.

    Dream #1

    A few people, possibly all young women, were in a room like a college dormitory. They may have been fighting against something or preparing for some fight. One girl in particular was bringing her power up to a very high level. But at some point she may have made herself stop. She had to bring her power level down because it was causing troubles in some other place.

    Now, in a room like a common area in a college dormitory, a girl sat with her back to another girl, who stood. The two girls were next to a big window which revealed the night sky. The seated girl asked the standing girl to go away. The seated girl said she couldn't be trusted around the standing girl for a while.

    The seated girl had a mask on her face. The mask had two wide, dark slots for the eyes and a wide, creepy grin for the mouth. Silvery fangs grew out of the grin as the seated girl spoke. The dream had all looked like real life up until this point. But after this point, it may have begun to look like an anime.

    I came to understand that the fighting power the girl in the room had had to subdue in herself also drew out powers in other people. The seated girl was having a kind of evil, vampiric power drawn out in her. She wouldn't be able to control it if it got too strong. The "mask" on the girl's face was actually a manifestation of her own spirit, this power within her.

    By means of a shiny, metallic cuff, the seated girl chained herself to a nearby coffee table (?) to prevent her from getting loose and running wild. At some point I came to understand that a lot of the girls in this college had magic powers and that part of the reason they were here was to train.

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