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    funny girl on sketch team; wearing diaper

    by , 01-12-2012 at 02:44 PM (1465 Views)
    Good morning, everybody.

    Dream #1

    I was in a big room, kind of like a meeting room in a church building. It had a lot of school desks in it. But the desks were all scattered about the room. There were a few standing closets or cabinets againts the walls. The room was lit with a kind of drab, greenish, fluorescent light.

    A few people were in the room, kind of shuffling about. It was like something had just ended, possibly the rehearsal for some kind of sketch comedy team. At least a couple of people were famous. One of them looked like Pam from The Office. The other one may have looked like Jim.

    The woman was standing at one of the closets, maybe rifling through a bunch of coats, looking for her own coat. The man was sitting at a desk, possibly writing on a sheet of paper.

    The man and the woman were still in character, and they were improvising some lines back and forth with each other. They were kind of insulting each other in a flirting way.

    At some point the man said something to defend himself or build himself up instead of insulting the woman. He somehow compared something he was doing to something a famous person (maybe Napoleon?) had done.

    The woman answered with some kind of rhyme that was almost a song, and used history in a very precise way to shoot down what the man had just tried to make sound like a good thing. Everybody in the room started laughing, including the man.

    (To bad I can't remember the joke! Ugh...)

    There was another man standing at a closet that stood against the wall to the left of the woman, as she was facing her closet.

    This other man was talking to somebody -- possibly me, but I'm not sure. He was saying how good the woman was at taking really slight cues at just a moment's notice and turning them into something really clever and hilarious.

    Dream #2

    I was probably in a bedroom. I was laying, or sitting in some really slouched position, on the floor. My back may have been against a wall. My legs felt crowded, as if I were right up against a bed or a TV stand that had a quilt over it. The light in the room was a nice, warm incandescent. The carpet may have been brown and kind of thick.

    I looked down at my body. I was skinnier than usual -- probably too skinny. I was wearing a diaper, probably a Pull-Ups diaper with Dora the Explorer on it. The diaper was completely broken. So I wasn't really wearing it. It was mostly just laying on my crotch. I wore underwear over the diaper -- I'm not sure if they were boxer briefs, like I wear, or some kind of panties.

    I had an erection, and I needed to pee. I may have thought at first that I should just pee in the diaper. But I knew that would be a dumb idea. The diaper was totally broken. My pee would probably just go all over the place.

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    1. JesterKK's Avatar
      that diaper dream is hilarious.
      maboroshi likes this.
    2. lucyoncolorado's Avatar
      Ha. I was just looking at your journal and I was going to comment on how cool your flying dream was, but the diaper dream is just too funny to pass up. Everybody likes potty humor.