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    girls come back; sitting girl; running girl

    by , 01-09-2012 at 02:34 PM (530 Views)
    Good morning, everybody.

    Dream #1

    I was in some kind of volunteer group. We were getting ready to go to some event. I must have been with the leader of the group. We must have been going around, picking people up.

    There were two girls with copper-colored skin and reddish hair. They were both pretty. But one was a lot prettier than the other. They both had a kind of spoiled-girl attitude.

    Both girls had been planning to come with us on the event. But something about the details of the event had changed. So it seemed like the event may possibly not happen. So the girls decided that they didn't want to come along with us and risk not doing anything.

    The volunteer leader and I got to the event. We stood outside some small building, in an area like a parking lot. It was a grey day, probably like a cool summer day.

    There were a lot of other girls with us now -- all either brown or copper-skinned. We all wore black shirts. The event was about to start, and we were getting ready for it somehow.

    Suddenly the other two girls showed up, after all. They said that they decided they would attend the event. I was really happy to see them. But both the girls had such a removed attitude, I was afraid to let them know too much that I was happy to see them.

    Dream #2

    A topless young woman in gold, mesh-like panties was sitting on some kind of pedestal, kind of straddling the pedestal, so that her legs were spread pretty wide. The girl was cupping her big breasts with her hands. The girl had tan skin, brown hair, and green-blue eyes.

    Dream #3

    I was in a shoe store with my mother. For some reason I was laying on the ground, face down, looking at the women as they walked in the shoes they were trying on. Most of the shoes the women were trying on were high heels.

    At some point, a girl walked past me wearing track shoes. The shoes had weird soles. They were like plastic, like just a frame. But the sides of the frame were apparently really elastic. They were supposed to provide some kind of extra spring in your step.

    I knew that only really serious runners wore these kind of shoes. So I looked up to see what kind of girl this was. She was maybe in her mid- to late-teens. She was really skinny, pale, with long, straight, blonde hair. She wore a kind of baggy, white t-shirt and blue jeans.

    I started to ask the girl what kind of running she did. For some reason, the girl sat up in a high seat, like a shoe-shining seat. The woman looked at me as if she were annoyed -- like I was yet another guy trying to hit on her. I was attracted to her. But I was really more interested in hearing about what she ran.

    The girl gave me some kind of half-attentive answer, as if she were trying to blow me off, but not be impolite. Somehow we were now outside. Most of the shoe store was gone. But the chair was still there. We were out in some lawny field. It was a grey day, and it was raining.

    I had been laying or sitting under some kind of table umbrella, which had been planted into the ground instead of into the center of a tabletop. I stood up. I think I was holding onto the pole. But it also felt like I was standing at the edge of the umbrella.

    My mom pulled up in some car, just off to my right. She walked out of the car and stood just outside the umbrella, as if she wanted to say something to me.

    The girl had pretty much disregarded me by this time. I thought the rain might be getting her wet. I knew I had an umbrella, and that I could go get it for her. I wondered if the girl wanted it.

    I must have been looking down at the ground. It was really hard for me to turn my eyes upward. It felt like I was pulling against gravity. But I finally looked up to see the girl sitting in the chair. She had an umbrella over her chair, and she was dry. So she was fine.

    But I still wanted to go grab my umbrella, so I could give it to somebody, just to prove to the girl that I had an umbrella and that I was generous enough to give it to somebody. I ran out into the rain, thinking, I'll probably give the umbrella to my mom. That should impress the girl.

    I knew that the umbrella was in my tent. (???) I saw my tent about fifty meters or so away. Beyond the tent there was a little more stuff going on. There were some RVs and things like that. It was like this was some sort of camping event that I was a part of.

    I was still running toward the tent. I imagined having given the girl my umbrella. I imagined her asking me how she should return it. I imagined telling her, "Oh, just put it in my tent when you're through with it."

    But I knew that I kept my tent locked shut sometimes. So I imagined myself saying, "Oh, just throw it on the ground outside my tent if I'm not there. Nobody'll bother it."

    I imagined my umbrella lying on the ground in front of the tent. I was actually worried that somebody would come by and pick it up. But I imagined myself as not showing the girl that I would be worried by something like that.

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    1. lucyoncolorado's Avatar
      Lots of pretty girls on your mind last night! Sending you a virtual umbrella!
      maboroshi likes this.
    2. JesterKK's Avatar
      I noticed you liked one of my DJ entries so thank you. You seem to have impressive recall and dedication. Lots of women too - that's always nice.
      maboroshi likes this.
    3. maboroshi's Avatar
      Hi Jester KK. Thanks for the comment. No problem. I like your dreams a lot, too. You do a lot of work with OBEs. That's impressive. I haven't had a really vivid astral projection in years. So I love reading about yours.

      Thanks, Lucy, for sending a virtual umbrella my way!
    4. JesterKK's Avatar
      Thank you. I plan to read some more of your entries as you post them; they seem quite revealing about the personality. I've only begun working with OBEs tbh - I got one on my first night of attempting it luckily but haven't been met with the same level of success since. The process of refining technique is fun though. Do you take any measures to induce lucidity or an OBE besides keeping a DJ?

      (There's something about OBEs which isn't really talked about much on Dreamviews and that is that during them, EEG readings resemble a waking state and that they don't have to revolve around REM periods like lucid dreams.)
      maboroshi likes this.
    5. maboroshi's Avatar
      I think a lot of people who practice OBEs prefer to do so from a waking or meditative state. From what I've read about it, OBErs sometimes accidentally discover they can project by waking up in a dream that ends up being an OBE. But they then move on to doing OBEs from a waking state. So maybe that's why EEGs, even in technically "sleeping" OBErs, are more like waking EEGs.

      Personally, I don't practice any techniques. I need a teacher, and a safe space, if I'm going to practice. But I enjoy dreaming. And that's fine enough for me.
      JesterKK likes this.