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    heavy guitar and dancing; can't run at the zoo

    by , 10-03-2011 at 12:46 PM (403 Views)
    Good morning, everybody.

    Dream #1

    I was in some place that looked like a living room. But there were a lot of people there. The living room was lit with natural light, which came in through a big window off to my left. I sat along a wall with a lot of other people. In front of the window may have been some boxes or cases, like guitar cases.

    A tall, white man with shoulder-length, brown hair walked up to one of the guitar cases and picked it up. (Or he may have brought a guitar case to the window and sat it down.) It looked like the man was struggling a bit with the guitar and case. So I got up to help the man.

    I found that I was really of no help at all. I tried to grab one end of the case and just dropped it. The case was really heavy! Somehow the man managed to arrange the case or pick it up or something.

    I knew the guitar was the man's guitar. I knew the man was in a band, so that he was out playing this guitar all the time. I asked the man, "No offense, don't take this the wrong way. But -- how can you play a guitar like that for a whole show?" By this time the man had the guitar out and was tuning it. I continued, "I can barely lift the thing. How can you carry it for a whole show?"

    The man may have made some comment to me about how I shouldn't be so lazy, and how it wasn't so hard to carry the guitar.

    I got a closer look at the guitar. It was made up of a lot of gagues and meters, like for some kind of electrical reading apparatus. The strings and tuning knobs themselves looked more like high-tech machine parts than guitar parts.

    The man had started playing something. An old woman came up to me, as if to dance with me to the music. The old woman was just a bit shorter than I, with a big, round hairstyle of dyed-bright-red hair. She was slightly tan, with slightly wrinkled skin. She wore black sunglasses and some kind of white, soft, leather jacket.

    I spun the old woman around a few times. But I started to wonder if everybody around me would think I was in love with this old woman, since I was dancing with her.

    I sat in the room, in the dark. A light shone on the wall across from me. It was like a round spotlight. It shone on two or three spots of a map. The spots may have moved around. The map showed countries, possibly like in Europe. The colors of the countries were probably pink, purple, and orange.

    I was standing up again, in the daylight again, and possibly dancing with another person, possibly my brother or sister.

    Dream #2

    I was in a place like a zoo or some kind of national park. It was daytime. The light was slightly pale, the sky may have been partly cloudy, and the air cool and a little breezy. I had just walked away from some group of people, possibly my family, or maybe a group of friends. I think I went away from them so I could go get my shoes.

    I was walking on a wide, stone-tile path. There were big groups of people all over the place. Off to my left was an asphalt path that went back through a moderately wooded area, up a small hill, possibly to some mansion at the top of the hill. I kept going forward.

    I walked past long stretches of benches that ran along the curves of the wide stone-tile path. There were crowds of people standing and lounging around, and crowds of people sitting on the benches.

    Toward the end of one of the stretches of benches I saw an old friend from high school, Michelle, who I hadn't thought about in years. She looked a lot different. She had short hair, buzzed all around the sides, with just a flip of dyed-blue hair for a kind of bangs-effect. She wore a blue hoodie and blue jeans. She may have been sitting with a girl, who may have been her girlfriend.

    I was happy to see Michelle again, and I called to her. I may actually have thought she was one of my cousins. I had to keep on going -- I had to find my shoes -- but I yelled out to Michelle, as I passed her, that I'd stop to talk to her when I got back.

    This path had apparently run along the edge of a cliff or steep slope, which was off to my right. The path went down a gentle slope just past where I saw Michelle. I must have gotten down to the bottom of the slope.

    In my mind's eye I saw my shoes: they were old, worn out, brown leather shoes, almost like something in a Van Gogh painting.

    I don't know if I ever found my shoes. But I was now running back up the hill. I had to get back to the people I left, so we could leave the "zoo" for the day. And I had to get back to them on time. But before I went back to the people I'd left, I wanted to see if I could talk to my friend/cousin one last time.

    But as I was running, I got jammed up. It was like some person in the park was trying to be a jerk and had gotten in my way. Somehow I'd gotten tangled up with this person, who I couldn't see -- I think they were behind me. I kept struggling and struggling until I was free. I then kicked the person.

    When I turned around to the person -- I'd expected to see some tall, white guy who was being a jerk -- I saw a kind of short, really fat, black woman in a police officer's uniform. The woman started yelling at me, "You think it's cool to hit a police officer? You're gonna pay for that!"

    I was trying to figure out what I needed to do to make up to the police officer. But she now started giving me a kind of mild lecture on how there was no running in the zoo, how it was too dangerous. She may have said, "Especially when you're not wearing shoes."

    I suddenly realized I knew this woman. She "had been" a "ranger" at one of the New York City Parks I'd worked at in the past. (IWL she had been a different kind of worker than a ranger.) She was now a bit taller than me, in much better shape, with a bit lighter skin-tone, and wearing a ranger's uniform.

    The woman started talking to me about what had been going on in the parks since I had left. I thought this woman was taking up all the time I'd wanted to spend talking to my cousin/friend. I thought she could even make me too late to re-join my group and go home. But I thought I should sit here and listen to her anyway. I was still trying to make up for having, technically, assaulted her.

    The woman's main focus was some woman who had gotten kicked out of the Parks Service. The kicked-out woman had done some apparently scandalous things. But they didn't sound very scandalous: mostly just spending too much time talking to park-goers and not enough time doing her actual job.

    As my old co-worker spoke, it became night. My old co-worker became a kind of tall, overweight man wearing glasses. The man was black, with a light skin-tone and freckles. We stood in the blue night, at the edge of an asphalt path, near a stand of some tall pine trees.

    The man kept telling the story of the kicked-out woman. Apparently on the day the woman had been confronted, she'd been having a really bad day. She'd actually gotten violent with some people. But now that she'd been confronted, she'd gotten even more violent.

    The man backed himself deep into the stand of trees, almost to the edge of some cliff or steep slope. I had to walk into the trees to see the man, who stood under a clear sky hung with a huge, clear, white moon.

    The man began acting out all the violent motions the woman had made when she had been confronted. The man was tossing his limbs all over the place and shouting. He looked crazy. I was a little afraid, as if I thought the man would attack me.

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