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    nuclear war with germany; two girls in bed

    by , 11-29-2011 at 02:25 PM (417 Views)
    Good morning, everybody.

    Dream #1

    Germany had tested some kind of nuclear weapon. I saw a shoreline. The shoreline had received the nuclear blast. This shoreline was in some country other than Germany.

    The United States was angry that Germany had tested this new nuclear weapon. They may have been planning to do something against Germany, like employ sanctions.

    But suddenly the US was sending out a nuclear bomb to attack Germany. I saw the nuclear bomb blasting off. The missile was kind of short, either dark green or black, with fins at its back end and around its midsection, closer to the nose. The fire of the rocket was bright and papery.

    The area from which the missile blasted off was kind of small, like a small construction area or movie set, although it was supposed to be an entire coast or country.

    The missile may have blasted off from the west coast of the United States. I knew it was going to Germany. But I also knew that Germany was retaliating, sending a missile to attack the US.

    But I thought that since I was in New York, I wouldn't get hit. New York was on the other end of the country closest to Germany, I thought. (This would, of course, be the reverse of the truth IWL.)

    Dream #2

    There were two pretty girls, maybe nineteen or twenty years old, in bed with each other. They may have been in a college dorm. But the room seemed more like a bedroom in a suburban house than a college dorm.

    Both girls were kind of tall, skinny, and pale, with long, straight, light brown hair. The girls both wore colorful, long-sleeved sweaters and white, cotton, french-cut panties.

    One of the girls lay on her back. The other girl climbed up and straddled the first girl's chest. She almost seemed to want to begin rubbing her crotch into the other girl's face.

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