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    psychology lectures; hollow ship in storm; home after losing job; freud limp

    by , 12-11-2011 at 03:00 PM (560 Views)
    Good morning, everybody.

    Dream #1

    I was in some large area like a high school gym or an assembly hall. The place was unlit, but there was natural light coming in through some windows high up on the walls. The hall was filled with folding chairs, arranged in two aisles of seats.

    I was toward the back of the seats, maybe even standing a few meters behind the back row. The seats seemed to lose their order toward the back, and may just have been scattered all over the place.

    Up at the front, people had been giving presentations. There were two presentations. Each presentation was given by two people. I don't remember the first presentation.

    The second presentation was about the psychology of Carl Jung. The first person gave some kind of theoretical or philosophical overview of Jung's psychology. The second person then, apparently, acted as if he were Jung, though he seemed to be acting more like Sigmund Freud.

    This presentation was now over. Everybody stood up(including me? - I guess I had been sitting, now) to leave. I seemed to be eager to leave. But now someone called for me. The person said that I still had to do my presentation, which was about Freud.

    I realized I had been hoping to get away without having to do my presentation. But now that it turned out I'd have to do it after all, I was actually kind of looking forward to doing it.

    Dream #2

    I was in some gigantic, empty structure. It was like a parking garage: just an empty, dark structure with no walls. There were no lights in the structure. I was on the second floor, which was the top floor.

    The structure looked out on a big, wooden ship. The day was grey and the waters the ship was in were getting rougher and rougher.

    Now a lot of people were getting onto the ship. I was something like the ship's captain -- a tall, kind of big and strong man with a long, red-brown beard.

    Another man told me that perhaps we shouldn't go out to sea today. The weather was looking worse and worse.

    I didn't know whether to agree with the man. It seemed like all the people getting onto the ship -- a bunch of rich-looking men and women (mostly women, I think), dressed in nineteenth-century-style suits and dresses -- were still really looking forward to the trip.

    But now I was flying down, from the top of the structure, toward the ship. I could see that the ship had two levels to it. Both of these levels could be seen through the sides of the ship. In fact, there was no protection at all in these levels, and that's where the passengers would be during the trip. I now even watched as a huge wave of water poured all the way through the levels.

    I knew this was trouble. But I still thought I could get the passengers on the ship and take the trip. Perhaps we'd all have to stay on the top level. But then, perhaps, the waters would clear up, and we'd be fine.

    Everybody was still loading onto the ship. But now I flew over the ship's deck. I now saw that the slate-grey waters were swelling up almost to the very deck of the ship. I realized now that there was no way we could go anywhere. I decided to get the passengers off the ship.

    A terrible storm had come and passed. I was now in the water with the man who had been warning me against putting the ship to sea. I'm pretty sure that all the passengers had been evacuated from the ship before the storm. But the ship itself had been sunk. The man and I were in the water, looking for the ship.

    It was black night, and the man and I were taking turns diving under water to look for the ship. Eventually the man seemed to come up with what looked to me like shattered fragments of the ship. I was sure this meant the ship was somewhere below us.

    Now I dived under the water -- or, rather, someone dived under the water whose viewpoint I had, though "I" was still above the water. As I saw from this other person's viewpoint, "I" myself was still wondering whether I should dive under the water.

    I wondered how I would be able to see under the water. The person whose viewpoint I saw now had goggles and was wearing a scuba-diving suit. He also had a flashlight attached to his head. It shone just enough for him to see a couple meters in front of him.

    The man (or I?) came upon stacks and stacks of beige, plastic cubes that almost looked like small stepping-blocks. These were apparently the basic elements that had made up the ship. The pieces were cluttered all over, almost like stacks of boxes. I knew that this meant the ship was here.

    I surfaced. Now that we knew where the ship was, I thought, we would simply pull it up, and everything would be fine.

    But I had surfaced into a gigantic, dark room. My headlight was still shining, I think. A few other people were also in this huge room. They probably had lights shining near them as well.

    I waded in the water and looked around me. Jutting up out of the water were shattered pieces of the ship. Some of the pieces looked like the ship. Other pieces simply looked like wooden boxes or the plastic stepping-blocks. Some people were wading in the water. Others were sitting on the ship fragments.

    Dream #3

    I walked into "my mom's house." I came in on the first floor, through some kind of back door. The entire floor was charred, like a fire had hit it. But this seemed normal to me.

    I saw a book of mine on a little counter-like space at the head of a stairwell to a basement. It was a white paperback book with red-pink lettering. It may have been a horror novel. I knew that there was a computer (perfectly fine) on a charred table a "room" over. The "rooms" were hardly rooms -- the walls had been almost completely burnt away.

    I walked toward the table with the computer. My plan was to get on the internet and look at some kind of entertainment thing for a while.

    But I had to walk quietly. My mom was downstairs with a few other family members. I didn't want them to hear me. I had lost my job. I was coming home really early in the afternoon. I knew if I was too loud and too obviously on the internet, my mom would wonder why I was home, and why I was wasting my time on the internet.

    I heard a few of my footsteps creaking across the weak floor. I knew that I wasn't going to get through the house unnoticed. So I figured I'd just go down into the basement, let my mom know I was home, and let her know I'd lost my job.

    Dream #4

    I may have been looking at a website like YouTube. I had chosen a music video called "Freud Limp" from a list of video.

    The video first began with some kind of Pampers diapers advertisement from the 1970s. A couple of little kids were in a place like a doctor's office with their mother. The kids all ran to a bookshelf on the left side of the room and began grabbing huge boxes of Pampers diapers off the shelves.

    The music video now began. It also seemed to take place in a doctor's office. The view was of the waiting room of the office. The area was kind of small, lit with natural light and pale, fluorescent light.

    There was a reception window on the right wall, possibly with an adjacent counter, which was lower than waist height, running along the back area. Behind the low counter was a wall of shelves of manila file folders holding patients' records.

    As the song began, the main singer, perhaps a British man, bald, pale, kind of tough looking, was carted out with a woman and maybe two babies, on something that looked like a mix between a car for a really fast roller coaster and a grocery cart full of baby supplies.

    The man sat at the back. The woman sat at the front, facing the man. The babies sat in the middle, huddled in between all the bay supplies. The man's and woman's seats may themselves had looked like car seats for little babies.

    I heard the song very distinctly, and I can recall the melody. There were two verses. The first verse ended with some statement about the man seeing a smile on the woman's face and knowing that, despite all the uncaring stuff she'd said in the first part of the verse, that she really did care.

    The second verse went something like:

    "Sometimes I want to get away,
    I want to get away, I try to get away.
    But when I finally get away..."

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    1. TheForgotten 's Avatar
      Hey! You had a ship dream on the same day I did And yours was about a missing ship like in the article you showed me. Did you even notice that? Lol. How funny
    2. maboroshi's Avatar
      I knew the two of us had ship dreams pretty close together. But I didn't make the connection between missing ship in the article and the missing ship my dream. That's pretty cool.
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