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    recurring shop app; swimming out of flood

    by , 03-25-2011 at 11:43 AM (442 Views)
    Good morning, everybody.

    Dream #1

    I was outside on a sunny day with an acquaintance of mine, G. We stood out on some big lawn before something like a cabin for a summer camp. G is a scientist, and he knows all this technical stuff. So he was going to put some wacky, new app on my phone.

    I handed G my phone, hoping he wouldn't look at my internet and all the perverted sites I had on there. He didn't. He handed the phone back to me.

    The app ended up being some kind of shop. I didn't really find the shop very interesting. I kept trying to get out of the app, but I kept going backward through a bunch of screens just like the shop app's screen. It was really annoying.

    Dream #2

    I was in some body of water. A huge wave swept over me. I thought it would crush me or carry me away. But I somehow swam right through it. After this wave I sawm through some smooth water and then some much smaller waves. All this time a narrator was talking about something, possibly how dangerous the waves were.

    I was now swimming among a group of people. A huge tide had carried us out to sea. The common knowledge was that if this happened, you could never get back to land. But I could see the shore. It wasn't far away. I began to swim hard for the shore, encouraging the people around me to do the same. The current was pulling steadily toward the side, but I could force my way through the pull. The shore had something very colorful built on it, possibly an amusement park.

    I and my friend H were now in some weird space that was like a mix between a mountain path and a concrete path and some kind of indoor hallway. We were talking with two girls, both of whom seemed to me to be Asian.

    The earthquake in Japan had just occurred. Somehow, H and I had lived through the time period already, and we knew what had happened. Now we were back to the beginning of the earthquake, still in America.

    One of the girls spoke about the earthquake like it was something minor, just a usual earthquake. I tried to let her know, in a nice way, how bad it was. I asked her, "Do you have any family in Japan?"

    She said, "Japan? I'm from Africa!"

    I now realized that the girl wasn't Japanese. She was short, with coppery brown skin and reddish blonde hair.

    I now looked to the next girl, who looked more Japanese. I was going to tell her about everything that had happened during the earthquake. But she already looked panicked. We were in some place like her bedroom. She was laying down on a beanbag chair that was slumped against a wall. She was crying, worrying what had happened to her family. She had her right arm cradled over her head. I may have noticed that the bedroom was slightly cluttered and that there was some kind of heavy metal poster over the beanbag chair.

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