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    Roller coaster car; cutting carpet; complaining about boss; friend on street

    by , 01-13-2011 at 01:08 PM (407 Views)
    Good morning, everybody


    I stood on an area that looked like a mix between a craftsman's workshop and a subway platform. Where the subway would be, there was a single car that looked like a mix between a roller coaster car and a coin-operated ride for little kids. The car may have been pink. A person was either fastened safely or held captive in the car. The person may have been a kid. I may have identified with the person somehow.

    Dream #2

    I was kneeling on the floor in the threshhold of a doorway. Across the threshhold from me knelt a young man, probably with longish, scraggly, blonde hair.

    We were placing squares of carpet on the floor. The squares were about 35cm long and 18cm wide. The carpet was a slightly shaggy, greenish tan material.

    We started cutting the carpet on some of the squares. I wondered why we were doing this. It was destroying the carpet, making it look terrible. But for some reason I thought the carpet might grow back, like grass.

    I got a closer look at one square of carpet. The cuts revealed a series of squares that were made by comb-like tracings of lines, or like the lines made by a rake.

    Dream #3

    I sat in an office with "the head of my department," who was actually one of my boss' peers, R. The office was huge, but kind of dim and dingy, old-looking. The small desk was in a corner of the room, near the door. I sat behind the desk instead of it. R sat in front of the desk, probably with another person to his left.

    R offered me some new responsibility in addition to my current job. I took it. I then started complaining about my boss, how it seems like he completely ignores me, even that he doesn't want me around. I told him of one time (not true in waking life) when my boss even told me, "Get out of my office. Leave me alone," as soon as I had opened the door.

    I thought I had now seen my boss walk past the door. I thought I should be more careful with what I said. R was now gone. The other guy was trying to start up a conversation with me. But I saw an old co-worker of mine, JM, and I stood up to say hi to him.

    We shhok hands in the hallway. We both laughed. He looked skinnier, tired, and red. His hair seemed to be thinning. There were a few people around him. I looked to my right, down the hallway. My boss stood with some other people as he played with his BlackBerry. I hoped that my boss would actually think better of me, now that he'd seen me speaking with JM.

    Dream #4

    I was in "my apartment," which was on the fifth floor of a building. My friend H called. She apparently lived in the same apartment building, on a lower floor. She said she heard the noise one of our mutual neighbors was making, and that she was going outside to look through the windows to see if she could see anything going on.

    I decided to watch out my window to make sure she got outside and back inside alright. But I tried to do so discreetly. I saw her walk outside then across the street. I saw her cross back, then run up the road to the corner. She ran left, across the street, and around the corner. She looked panicked. I wondered what was wrong.

    Now she was running back. But she was now a blonde girl in a red t-shirt and white baseball cap. She was at the front door, talking into an intercom system that looked like an old payphone. She was talking about something bad she had seen or someone following her. She was talking to a female roommate of hers.

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