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    second movie; on phone with mom; skyscraper and board room; new lease

    by , 12-16-2010 at 01:31 PM (575 Views)
    Good morning, everybody. The last two dreams definitely came from my last hour in bed.

    I think the third dream is partly influenced by the picture Caden posted on Dreamviews yesterday of the zombies walking into the diner in a big city.

    Dream #1

    I was at a movie theatre. I had finished watching a movie. I was probably going to watch a second movie. I left all my stuff in the theatre and went outside.

    I may have gone to a K-mart in a big shopping center. I may then have gone across the parking lot, to a McDonald's. At some point (after the McDonald's?) I was looking out the front windows of the K-mart. Big flakes of snow were falling and the sky was a heavy grey.

    I went back to the movie theatre. I may have been talking with a female friend of mine right outside the theatre doors, in the dark hallway.

    I then went into the theatre. The lights were on. The theatre was brighter than a theatre would usually be. The floors and seats were all a tan-brown. Everything looked dirty. I was upset that I'd left my stuff among all this filth.

    I picked up my stuff (I had a lot of bags, for some reason) and headed toward the door again. I'd decided I didn't want to stay for the second movie, amid all this garbage.

    (I have some memory somewhere (possibly here, even though it seems out of context) of being at the ticket counter, right at the corner to the long hallway down which were all the doorways to the movie theatres. I was probably standind there thinkng about whether to buy a ticket to the second movie.)

    At the back of the theatre, I sat my stuff down, as if to arrange it properly, put my coat on, etc. As I did, the theatre dimmed to a usual level. The chairs and floor were now a vivid red, almost glowing. I thought, This place looks a lot cleaner when the lights are out.

    At some point I may also have thought of a worker coming in and asking for my ticket to the second movie, which I didn't have. I also thought of how the workers would be disappointed that I wasn't staying for the second movie, after they'd watched my stuff while I'd left it at my seat during the break between movies. I think I had been the only person to leave my stuff.

    Dream #2

    I was on my cell phone, talking to my mom. It was daytime. The sky was clear and blue. I was walking through a small parking lot that was adjacent to another small parking lot for a fast food store that sold tacos.

    My mom was telling me something important that I should do to ensure my health. I said I would do it, but in a half-hearted tone so that we both knew I actually probably wouldn't. My mom sounded patient, but disappointed.

    I looked into the taco restaurant. The walls were all windows. The floors were white tile. Almost everything else was a bright yellow. The store wasn't opened yet. It was empty, and it looked so sparkling-clean and spacious.

    I turned away from the restaurant and walked down a slight slope of parking lots, toward a busy street.

    Dream #3

    I was out with something like a tour group. We were looking at NYC from downtown (from an angle that seems now to have been from the deck of a ferry, out on the water).

    Our tour guide was a tallish, skinny, white man with fuzzy hair down to about his jaw-line, an equally fuzzy mustache, and stubbly cheeks. He probably wore a dingy, white t-shirt.

    The tour guide was pointing our view all the way up to Midtown, to the Empire State Building, which looked kind of small and old. The guide said that in the days when this building was created, people didn't care about the size of the buildings. They just wanted to make places for people to work.

    The tour guide now pointed out some buildings near us, in the financial distritct. Compared to the far-away Empire State Building, they looked huge. The guide now said, "When people built these buildings, size was of the utmost importance. Each new building had to be the tallest."

    The guide now pointed to a building at the top of which were clear windows, revealing an enormous board room. The guide said, "You even started getting features like that, where the people in the taller buildings could look down and gloat at the people in the shorter buildings next to it."

    I seemed to float upward with my view. I was flying among these buildings. I was then suddenly inside a buiding. I was in a huge conference room with a gigantic table. The place was empty and quiet, and the light coming in was gentle.

    There was a balcony somewhere that apparently looked all the way down to the ground floor of the building. It made me dizzy to think of. I was crawling around on my belly, partly because I was too dizzy to stand up, and partly because I had come into work late and didn't want to be noticed.

    I saw, beyond the huge conference table, and probably beyond the balcony, a gigantic window to another huge conference room. The conference room was in another building, but it felt like both buildings were in the same, larger building.

    The huge window was framed in heavy, beautiful wood, fringed with beautiful American Arts-and-Crafts style squares. I was really captivated by the pattern of this window frame. As I concentrated on it, it seemed to change into a different pattern, or to develop a second layer of patterning.

    Dream #4

    I came "back home." "My home" was like a small, suburban house. When I came in, I noticed that there was a set of papers on a chair right by the front door. The papers were my lease.

    I understood that, somehow, my landlord had gotten into the house and put a new copy of the lease renewal in a spot where I'd be sure to see it. Apparently I'd taken too long sending back the first lease renewal he'd sent me.

    As I opened up the lease, I walked around my place. The living room was very small. The whole place was dirty. There were toys and clothes all over the place, and the walls seemed smeared with stuff. I then realized that my family was in town, and that they'd been staying at my place while visiting.

    I knew, before opening the lease, that my landlord had seen all this evidence of other people in my house. I knew he'd just assume the people were living here permanently, and that he'd charge me extra rent to account for the extra people. I hoped I'd be able to convince the landlord of the truth: that there was nobody else staying with me.

    I opened the lease, and, sure enough, the lease was now made out for six people. The rent specified was some unbelieveable amount. I closed the lease and walked around the house, looking at all the stuff my family had left lying around.

    (Note, evening of Dec. 16: Not like it's a big deal, but, regarding the third dream, I should say that in waking life the Empire State Building was not made only with the concern of having a place for people to work.

    The Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building were both in a race to be the tallest building in the world. It was definitely a size and status thing. I'm pretty sure that's common knowledge.

    I'm not exactly sure why the tour guide gave the story about how trying to build tall buildings simply to be taller than other buildings wasn't a motivation for developers until later on.)

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