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    AndresLD Rematch

    by , 08-24-2016 at 08:01 PM (741 Views)
    I went to Las Vegas for a few days so my recall has been pretty bad. haha I forgot a lot of this dream but I do remember the good parts! I didn't have a chance to upload this yesterday but I am sure AndresLD will want to read it.

    09:30 AM
    AndresLD Rematch (MILD)

    I don't remember how the dream starts but I am at a school and sit down at a table where some people are talking. I notice one of them looks like AndresLD and become semi lucid. I say hi and that I am MadMonkey. I say we should fly to the city that is over those mountains so we do. We get to the city and it is on the coast. At the time I remember it being the same as in an earlier dream but I don't remember the dream now. We fly over the water and there are a bunch of boats floating around. One boat has a gun looking thing that shoots fireworks. We land and talk to some DCs. One says, "To bad it's so dark out." I say,"If only someone could do something about that." and I look at AndresLD. We use our powers combined to raise the sun in the sky and make it really bright. We keep going and make a second sun come out! I couldn't have done that on my own.

    I don't remember a section or possible the dream skips to a different section.

    I am part of a super hero team. AndresLD is on the team too and is in his Fierce Deity Link form. I think SnowStrider's Dusk form might be there too. There is also a guy who can use water and fire, an Australian guy with unknown powers, and a guy who can sense people telepathically. We are on a small island with an abandoned factory on it. We go inside and find the super villain there. We tell him to surrender but then a second bad guy comes out. He is similar to purple man in that he can make people do his will. He tells one of us to tell him the code for the super weapon and they do. We start fighting them and water/fire guy and I fight the first villain. We knock him into a vat of acid but he says that only makes him stronger because that is how he got his powers. I don't remember much else but we win.

    We are outside and I am saying good buy to some of the heroes. There is a Nick Fury -esque character there overseeing things and some guys carrying the superweapon out of the factory. It is a laser cannon turret thing. Suddenly, AndresLD runs up, nocks the guys away, and takes control of the lasser. "No!" I yell and he fires the laser at the moon which is visible in the sky even though the sun is still out. The moon blows up completely and leaves a cloud of debris in orbit. I get very mad because AndresLD always seems to destroy the moon. Another perfectly good dreamworld wasted.

    I realize I am not actually mad at him and that this is a dream. I remember that one of my goals is to fight him so this is a good opportunity. I punch him and he flies into the wall of the factory and makes a dent. He runs back at me and we both punch. Our fists connect and stop for a second. I push harder and he flies several rooms deep into the factory. I guess I am stronger than him, probably because of my anger fueling me! He runs back out and I punch him into the ground, making a AndresLD shaped hole. I whale on him but he gets some control and is better at wrestling than me. I realize I will loose if we stay on the ground so I use my better position to get some leverage and throw him back into the hole in the factory. I chase after him and grabs some pillars from the broken walls and throw them at him. He runs deeper into the factory so I fly after him. He end up going outside the other side of the factory and I fly out. I see he is hiding in the pipes. He sends a energy blast at me so I dodge it. I find a chain and whip it around his legs. He almost breaks free of the chains but I use telekinesis to wrap them tighter. I swing him over my head and slam him into the ground several times. He breaks free and gets flung into some pallets of boxes in front of the factory. I fly after him but he shrinks down and hides in the boxes. I throw the boxes around with telekinesis but it's no use. The hero who can sense people runs up and says I should have let him help and that AndresLD has escaped. That's okay it was a great fight and I wake up.
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    1. DawnEye11's Avatar
      O.o Poor dream Andres. You sent him flying a few times.What are his dhl powers?
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    2. MadMonkey's Avatar
      O.o Poor dream Andres. You sent him flying a few times.What are his dhl powers?
      I don't think he has signed up for DHL just yet because he is still getting out of a dry spell. When he is in his Fierce Diety form he looks like the picture in the entry. He becomes much stronger and durable which is why we were able to fight at such high levels without getting hurt. He also has a giant helix sword with which he can channel blasts of energy.

      Andres wasn't in any real danger. It was all for fun! I had to get him back at him for winning the last fight and blowing up the earth once and the moon twice XD Next time we will have to work together on something.
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    3. Saizaphod's Avatar
      "I punch him into the ground, making a AndresLD shaped hole." Nice fight, any fight that involves sending people flying through walls are always fascinating to read. Oh and yeah, that might have been Dusk(SnowStrider)!
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      Updated 08-25-2016 at 12:48 PM by Saizaphod
    4. AndresLD's Avatar
      Hahahaha great dream! I'm taking a break atm due to my anatomy class. I have my final on Monday and should be able to get back into this then .

      I agree though, enough fighting for now haha. Let's explore a dungeon next time! Also, I'll join DHL once I'm done my class
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