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    The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey

    Autum Competition Night 10

    by , 09-11-2023 at 11:50 PM (134 Views)
    I took a nap to try and get a lucid for the competition and managed to get a DEILD chain.

    Teleportation Failures (DEILD) 09.11.2023

    I am in a home I don't recognize now but in the dream it felt familiar. It is dark inside and I leave my house to find it sunset. For some reason I know my internet friend R lives in the same neighborhood and I start walking to his house. I wake up.

    I feel myself in the void between dreams so I sit and wait until I know I am feeling my dream body. I get up and nose plug RC and it shows I am in a dream. I am in my childhood bedroom and it is very dark. I want to see Juliana so I run to the living room where theres more space. I put my hand behind me and feel her take mine. When I turn around, however, no one is there. I do this several more times before waking up.

    I DEILD chain and go back to the living room. I shout, "Jay! Where are you?" I hear her say, "Hey" but when I turn around shes not there. It's very dark which makes the dream unstable. I try again and this time vaguely see her lying on the couch. I tell her to stand up but she doesn't and I wake up.

    I nose plug again and it's a false awakening. It's still really dark. I realzie I shoud get on with my three step tasks so I summon my Robes of Anorak from behind my back and put them on. I then reach my right hand to my left wrist and try to throw out a HUD. It takes a few tries and focusing on the streams of energy. I say, "Noma Desert" and nothing happens. I wake up.

    I RC and get up. This time I have a watch on and there is a button I can press to throw up a HUD. This time the holograms are green. I say, "Noma Desert" and the HUD lights up. I snap my fingers and nothing happens.

    Next DEILD I get a HUD that has mechanical elements reinforcing the holograms. I ask why my attempts didn't work and it says I need to plug it into a usb c charger. I find such a charger plugged into the wall next to me. Sill no success.

    Another DEILD I find the hologram orange this time like the sand of the Noma desert. I say, "Noma Desert." and ask it to show me where JadeGreen and Manei are and it adjusts. When I snap my fingers I get teleported into space in an asteroid field and get smashed between two asteroids.

    One last DEILD and I ask the HUD why I got teleported to space. It doesn't answer and I wake up to see light enter my eys.
    I am awake
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    1. theshirecat's Avatar
      Damn! Your brain just wasn't having the teleporting! It tried to take you out with those asteriods
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