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    Autumn Competition Night One

    by , 09-02-2023 at 06:23 PM (121 Views)
    Freedom Fighters (NLD) 09.02.2023

    I start the dream in a big building filled with cool inventions and nerdy paraphernalia. There is a teenage girl who lives here. She tells proprietor of the building was a freedom fighter who made this place as a sanctuary against the totalitarian government that took control about ten years ago.

    The next thing I remember, I am climbing the fence of a concentration camp. I see the buildings are all concrtet with simple rectangular shapes. I enter the camp and find a group of people, all about my age, who want to escape. We make it out and make our way back to the sanctuary building on foot.

    When I get there I start having false memories of knowing all of these people from a Skype group chat from before the totalitarian government took over. We were all rebelious types which is why all of them but me were locked up.

    After a while of bonding with the group lights shine in the windows. We look out to see helicopters coming towards us. The scene inside the building is chaos as everyone tries to escape in vans and our own helicopters. I see some of my friends get shot down by bullets that rain down from the enemy helicopters. I make it into one of our helicopters and we take off.

    After a while I see a tram below and I have the idea of jumping out of the helicopter into the tram. The pilot positions me so I can manage it. Inside the tram it is all civilians, seemingly headed to work. When we get to the train station I get chased by some police officers but I lose them. Then I find a family that is willing to let me hide in their house. I eventually see that they have webcams in their television like in 1984 and soldiers arrive to take me, however, they don't have guns, only knives. I get a knife of my own from the kitchen and fight with them. They get me in the arms a few times which hurts but I get them in the neck so I am winning until I wake up from the pain.
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    1. Oneirin's Avatar
      False memories are strange in dreams. The weird thing is that lately I've been actively trying to remember lucids during non-lucids on the same night - weired experience when you wake up.