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    Dream Fragments 07/03 - 07/4 2023

    by , 07-04-2023 at 08:55 PM (200 Views)
    My dreams have been pretty fragmented lately so I don't have any full dreams but I thought I should share anyways.

    Teen Titans 10
    I remember yesterday dreaming that I was Dick Grayson as Nightwing again. Jason Todd was killed so I agreed to team up with Batman again and return to the mantel of Robin and go back in time to save Jason.

    Star Wars Battlefront VR
    I put on my VR headset and am totally imersed in the Metaverse. There is a new Star Wars Battlefront game where you get to be different characters from the movies and I go on an adventure playing through the game. When you choose your character you walk up to these statues of the characters to choose. There are all sorts of characters to choose from both sides. I start out as a rebel and save Princess Leia. Then I am her and I am starting to help organize the rebelion. Then I switch to a Jedi in a bar. There is a place for target practice with blasters but three Sith women notice me use the force to pick up a blaster. Their leader has a bow and arrow and I duck under a table only to find someone else is already hiding there. The Sith come down to find me and I try shooting the blaster at them but the trigger is nearly impossible to pull. There was a lot more to this dream but it is so fragmented now from sleeping in.

    Almost WILD
    At about 11:45 AM my partner K starts moving around and I realize I am half awake and I feel that the arms of my dream body are in a differnt position than I left my real arms were when I left them last which is a sign I'm about to get a WILD. I can't maintain it because my K is moving around so my WILD fails. I get short bit of dream I am in a Runescape trying to sell some stuff on the Grand Exchange. I see people wearing adamantine armor before I wake up.
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