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    Dream Watch

    by , 10-05-2022 at 03:20 AM (304 Views)
    I haven't been able to dream journal much lately because my dreams take on a strange intangible feel where not much of it really translates well to journal form. Last night my girlfriend and I did a staycation at our favorite hotel and the beds there are magnificent. Weighted blanket and a down pad.

    I got very good sleep and even woke up naturally 10 minutes before the wbtb alarm I set. Nothing much would come from it because I fell back asleep to quickly without trying WILD or MILD.

    7:00 AM
    Dream Watch (non-lucid)

    I am in an unfamiliar bedroom. It is dark but I see a nice watch on the nightstand. I pick it up. It has dark leather straps, a dark face, and grey metal case. I check it against the clock on the wall and realize it is two and a half hours slow but it is ticking at the right rate. I pop out the knob and start adjusting it but it's hard to see the dials clearly in the dark.

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    Tags: non-lucid, time, watch