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    The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey

    Dreaming Club

    by , 07-27-2023 at 03:38 AM (203 Views)
    Dreaming Club (DILD) 07.26.2023

    I fell asleep into a nap at 4:00 PM and woke up at 7:00 PM The first part of this dream is fuzzy. I was with my family on vacation and I really wanted to do something (not sure what) and wasn't happy that I wasn't able to. I must have picked up on the dream signs because the next section was lucid.

    I am on the first floor of a multi story building. I hear my friend RH's voice but I don't see him around. He says this is the dreaming club and I see there are pamphlets and books about dreams for sale. I say I want to join but I eventually wonder what's outside so I leave. It is dark out. I am in my childhood neighborhood and walk to my old college. The enterance is ropped off and someone standing nearby says this enterance is not being used by the public.

    The next thing I remember is I am learning about masonry and a Greek man tells me he will teach me how to use a stone lathe. I ask if he can show me how to make a stone icosohedron so he brings me over to a giant lathe and puts a big slab of grey stone on it. First he starts on it with a grinding bit making it into a sphere. He then changes out for a cutting bit and starts carving away at it to make faces. I see now that it is only half a sphere and when ever he moves on to cut the next face the stone jolts as if its about to fly our of the lathe.

    My sister and some of her friends are nearby they say that the ceremony is about to start and the man leaves the lathe. The next thing I remember I am in a book store combined with a coffee shop. The shop has a beautiful view into a large room like a church with stairs leading down into a section that has chairs in the middle. I walk to the pulpit and observe that the walls on either side are black glossy stone that rises high up an then between them there are bas reliefs and flowers that rise even higher. I look in the left corner and see the lathe is actually in this room still with the stone in it. A woman in a chair next to me says to sit because the sermon is about to start. I figure this is reasonable since it's about 6PM on a Wednesday but I don't feel comfortable because I haven't been in a church service in ages. I walk back to the coffee shop and find a black curtain and I am curious what is behind there. I go behind and find another roped off section leading to the college parking lot. The barista lady comes through the curtains and says we aren't supposed to go this way. Then a lady shows up behind the ropes to confirm that we need to leave. Then I wake up

    Then the craziest thing happened. I texted RH and told him about the dream and he responded that he actually is part of a dream club and asked me to join!
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