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    Lucid building jumping 5/16/2010

    by , 07-18-2010 at 07:07 AM (961 Views)
    May 16, 2010
    Lucid Building Jumping (DILD)


    I had watched the first half of the Matrix 1 the night befor. I woke up at 6:00 am with hardly any dream recal. I tried to WILD but was to tired and just fell asleep. I think I get alot beter DILDs after trying to WILD so I gues there more MILDs idk. There was alot of dream consisting of me playing voley ball and then trying to sleep on a slide until Perry that platapus stole my pillow but I don't know if it was befor I woke up at 6:00 or transitioned into this dream but I will consider it a seprate dream and a boring one not worth wrighting.

    I was on the swing in my backyard with my neice on the swing beside me, my twin sister in the yard, my mom and my older sister talking, siting in chairs and my nephue swiming in the pool. I thought to do a reality check so I pinched my noes and could only breath through a little bit.
    (this seems to happen often, it has cost me a lot of chances to be lucid because I think I'm just not pinching my noes all the way.) I tried again and I could breath normaly! I looked at my hand and it looked as normal as can be. I looked closer at the back of my hands and the hairs look abnormaly large but only just noticable. I jumped and fell normaly but kept doing it untill I could jump much higher. like 15 feet. I told my family I was dreaming and luckily they belived me this time except for my older sister, she refused to belive it. I didnt try to convince her because of what happend last time so I tried to do telekenesis on a stick and had quite a bit of control. I wanted to try it on something heavier and see if I could do it on a DC so I levitat my nephue out of the pool. He was scared for a second but then thought its really cool. I jumped and flew up like superman but lost control and dived head first into the pool. I got out and jumped onto the large unbreala that is on our patio. The fabric broke under my wait and everyone became sad so I jumped down, held the unbrela strait with telekenesis and reversed time on it to fix it. I thought I would try some of my goals and the first thing that cames to mind is the scene from the matrix where Morphius tests Neo to see if he can jump from one building to the next. Pluss If I fell I could complete the tast of the month which was to skydive without a parashoot. I thought I needed to go to a tall building so I tried to teleport using the spining method. I spun around and imagine the building but nothing changed. I did it over and over again but still nothing. I jumped onto my roof and then pushed off and flew up about 200 feet and landed on top of a skyscraper that apeared in front of my house. I couldn't see anything because of fog so I jumped away from the building and a city apeared. I landed on a building but there were no suitable buildings to jump to so I kept jumping to a higher and higher building. Everything faded befor I could stabilize and was never able to reenact te scene.

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