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    Quest for my dream guide part 1 (7/4/2010)

    by , 07-18-2010 at 08:00 AM (585 Views)
    July 4,2010
    Quest for my dream guide part 1 (DEILD)


    I had a dream I think it was about peter pan or something and I became tired in the dream so I layed down and closed my eyes and was half way awake when I realized It was a dream. I decided I didn't want to wake up so I used DEILD for the first time to go back into the dream. It was very unstable and wasn't finished filling out. It's like in a video game when the draw range is set to low. I was still laying in the grass so I stood up and stabilized myself but the dream itself was still being slowly created it was pretty cool. I looked at a table that had formed and it was completely covered in random items. Trees started to form and it reminded me again of peter pan. I yelled out "When I turn around my dream guide will be standing behind me." I turned around and there was no one there. Instead there was a purple portal about a foot in diameter floating by a tree. I ran and dived head first into the portal and go through some kind worm whole. I could see geometric patterns making up the walls of it. I wake up for a second and again use DEILD to return to the dream but with much less lucidity

    I can't remember exactly what happened in the next half hour or so but I do know I used DEILD again at least twice. The next thing I remember I was in lucid again

    Me and my family were walking down a street and I look around for a lead. I saw a man in wearing a weird poofy coat, a fedora, and a Celtic circular shield. I went up to him, letting my family continue on without me, and asked him where he got his clothes from. He told me from the jedi temple. I asked where the jedi temple is and he said he can't tell me. I decided to cut to the chase. I asked him where my dream guide is and he said he can't tell me and that it won't be that easy to find my dream guide. I suddenly got a rush of pictures of people like I'm reading his mind. One picture stuck out. a picture of a red headed girl that only shows one eye and her hair. I grabbed him and was about to punch him and interrogate him but I stooped because hes a good guy. I continued on and pulled out my cell phone and my contacts where all scrambled up. I picked one and called it but it was my sister instead. I told her I got the wrong number and thought to check my compute instead. At least I finished the easy task of the month. Before I could I woke up.

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