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    The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey

    Spring Competition 2024 Night 2

    by , 03-31-2024 at 06:20 PM (52 Views)
    I didn't really wake up during my 5am WBTB. I might need to make my alarm later in the morning. My dreams have been very challenging to dream journal lately from forgetting it all at the last minute of waking up and the dreams being very unusual. This time I will do my best to journal the whole dream. Maybe if I journal more for the comp my dreams will become more logical.

    SpringCompetition 2024 Night 2 (NLD) 03.31.2024

    I am visiting Japan with one my nephews, two friends, and a DC girl that in the dream I had a crush on but doesn't exist in my real life. We have a really nice AirBNB. It has Japanese style achitecture. We make ourselves at home and find that the shared quarters have a Karate dojo in the middle of it. There is a retro style video game that is somehow connected to the plot. Like maybe we are there for a tournament or confrence for the game and the AirBNB is paid for by the game company. We play the game for a while and it is a side scrolling platformer. It's pretty fun!

    An official person comes to our AirBNB and says we did something against the rules in the game. They say that they are there to punish us. There is a long conversation where I try to figure out why they are here interspersed with scenes in the future of us being tortured! My nephew then finds blood on the floor at the corner of the dojo mat. I tell my nephew someone probably got hurt sparring but he things we are all doomed.

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