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    Spring Competition 2024 Night 7

    by , 04-05-2024 at 04:47 PM (76 Views)
    I had two long semi-lucids. I did my best to get points but I waited over an hour before journaling so I hope I didn't forget about any tasks I completed.

    Spring Competition 2024 Night 7 (DILD) 04.05.2024

    I am in school and I open my textbook to find notes from a prior student that are all about some sort of fantasy world parallel to our own.I become lucid from this and start reading the notes. The teacher tells me to focus on the class but I don't. (I could have gone with my goal to get a good grade in dream school but I wasn't lucid enough to remember that.) The dream transitions to me being part of a super hero team. I show them the notes and they dismiss it as unimportant.

    I feel a bit more lucid and feel like doing a reality check so I use telekinesis on a rock and make it fly into my right hand. It is a shiny red stone. I learn from the text book a bunch of new powers that I want to try. I summon a star wars speader and the dream transitions to that one Mos Eisley map from the original Star Wars Battlefront 2. The other super heros are disagreeing with me using my new powers. I wake up.

    I laid in bed trying to remmeber my dream form about half an hour before WILDing back into the dream in Mos Eisley.

    After the dream forms I teleport to the parallel world. At some point I summoned a lightsaber. Man I wish I could remember more but that's all I got!
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    1. MadMonkey's Avatar
      In retrospect this was me in the starting area for my Death Star quest. I should have summoned Hade and Manei and Jay and gotten on the Mellinium Flacon!