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    The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey

    Summer Competition Night 3

    by , 06-04-2023 at 06:04 PM (180 Views)
    Robes Summoning Attempt Four (WILD) 06.04.2023

    I realize how quickly I am falling asleep after my WBTB so I do a nose pinch RC and confirm my WILD worked. I get out of bed and have a hard time stabilizing.

    I summon my robes of Anorak and try pulling up a HUD but without luck. I destabilize and DEILD. Again I try the robes. It DEILD many times and get discouraged.

    I try taking out my phone wnd calling Juliana. She anawers and gives me some encouragement. I try pulling uo the HUD and it works! I tap the search bar abd say "Juliana's Cottage' and snap my fingers and then I am there.

    I go through the door and Juliana is there. I feel tired because of all the DEILDe so all we do is talk for the rest of the dream.

    Update 5:45 PM! This is Juliana. I suddenly remembered my memories of my perspective of the dream. I was sittimg in my cottage in the dark. I don't know why I didn't light the fireplace. I waited for half an hour and then Monkey showed up we talked but I don't remember what we talked about.
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