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    Two Goals In One Morning! (TOTM)

    by , 06-10-2016 at 09:15 PM (450 Views)
    Because I havn't had many lucid dreams in a long time I decided to keep my first goal simple. Something that could help me get the rust off my dream skills. I decided my goal would be to do 10 reality checks in one dream. If could remember to do 10 then I'm sure later on I will be able to remember 2. Plus I had to do some research to even find 10 different reality checks. My goal did not require that they be successful reality checks, just that I test them out so I included some that I know don't work very well.

    10 RCs In One Dream(DILD)


    My mom drops me off at home and says to go take the dog out. I go to the back yard through the side gate and realize it is not my backyard. It looks like the back yard from the rugrats more than my own. Something feels a little off about my body. Gravity RC! (1) I say to my self, "Calm down. I'm dreaming." I remember my goal and that I need to do 9 more reality checks. In my lucid the night before last I only got 5 out of 10 before waking up so I shouldn't take my time. 10 RCs actualyly is a lot. I plug my nose and try and breath. Supprisingly nothing happens for a second. Hmm am I actually awake? Finally a bit of air comes through. (2) I look at my hand. Yep, 7 fingers. (3) I notice a trash can and remember someone on the forms changing the colors of things as an RC. I look away and look back, imagining the can as blue. Nope, still black. (4) I see some letters on the side. When I look away and look back they are numbers. (5) I try and do telekinesis on the can. No luck. Hmm, it has been a while since I practiced but I used to be so good at TK. I do TK on a pebble instead. It doesn't budge. I put a bit more effort into it and it flies into my hand. There we go. (6). I look around but I'm alone in the backyard. I hear some of the neighbors though and yell at them, "Am I dreaming?" "Nope." One of them says. Hmm, it worked yesterday. Oh well I already knew it wasn't a reliable RC. (7) I look at my hand again and pinch the skin between my fingers. Ouch. See holywood, that doesn't work. (8) I try and phase my finger through my hand. It doesn't work but I am starting to feel unstable and decide not to wait for it to work. (9) The other day I had an idea for a new RC. One where you focus on something close and then something far and observe the effects of depth of field. I have never noticed it in a dream before so I wondered if it works at all. I held up my finger and focused my eyes on it. I then focused my eyes on the tree behind it. The finger blured out and the tree came into focus just as expected. Hmm I guess it does work in dreams. For a second everything went blury and then everything came back in focus. I guess it does have some glitches though. My vision was sort of ultra wide after that until I woke up a few moments later.

    I wrote that down in my dream journal and realized I still had plenty of morning left to try the Task Of The Month. I decided to focus on the "pull something out of your butt" basic task and the "jump into a washing machine." bonus task. I tried WILD but fell asleep pretty quickly and lost consciousness.

    Butt Stuff(DILD)


    I go back to my Karate dojo. It has been about the same amount of time that I went there as my break from Dreamviews. I say hi to everyone and ask if I can train while I am in town for the weekend. The head sensei is very bitter and rude to me. Very very not like him. I feel hurt so I leave. The dream skips forward. I am at some sort of concert or awards show in the front row with my new roommate. The producer is near us. She looks very similar to my mom which I think is strange. Suddenly, two guys who look like stereotypical rappers jump on stage and grab the mike. They say they are taking over this even and start rapping. No one knows who they are and boos at their sucky rapping. They get mad and say some sort of anti white manifesto. I get a bit scared because my friend and I are the whitest dudes in the front row. The two rappers pull out guns and at the climax of their speach shoot me. Right in the balls, I might add. "Why the balls?" I think as I fall back in my chair. I am surrounded by the cround and hear more gunshots and screams. Wait, my balls feel fine. I must be dreaming!

    I consider my plan of attack and then fly up in the air. I point at the one who shot me and say, "You fucked with the wrong white dude." I fly at him, cary him into the air, punch him a bit and then drop him from high up. The other one starts shooting at me to no effect. I fly after him and he runs. He trips and I pick up his gun and beat him with the handle of it. I start to wake up but DEILD back into the dream. I am in a different place, some sort of hallway between small buidlings. The two rappers are there but they seem harmless. I notice a cute girl and consider letting my primal urges take over but no, I have to finish my task first! I reach into my pants and feel around back there. Nothing unusual to report. I try willing something to be there but based on my previous lucid my control isn't quite as strong as it used to be. Instead of waiting I stick my finger up there. Yep, feels pretty much like I would expect. Gross. I look at my hand and notice a bit of a skid mark. I don't think that counts so I wip it off on something and contemplate what to try next. I remember an idea I had before bed. It should be pretty easy to summon a string hanging out of my butt to make it easy to pull something out. I try that and find a string. I pull but it ends up being a butt hair. OUCH! Maybe I can have this girl help me find something. I ask her to come over and look around for me. I get a little, um, distracted. I remember what my actual task is and get frustrated. She seems to disappear as well. You know what, I'm going to complete this task one way or another. I find a Sharpy on the ground and put it up my butt. That's right, a Sharpy... from the ground... Once I get it up to the cap I pull it out. I did it! I completed my first task of the month in years! To celebrate, I summon two more girls and have some fun.

    After a false awakening I tried to find a washing machine to do the bonus task but after another false awakening and a real awakening I decided to work on that tomorrow.

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    1. AndresLD's Avatar
      LMAO . Tasks of the month sure have changed since I was a regular. That's hilarious, nice quick thinking too once you noticed you couldn't summon something into your butt.