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    Visiting JadeGreen and Manei

    by , 07-20-2023 at 06:31 PM (172 Views)
    Visiting JadeGreen and Manei (DILD) 07.20.2023

    There was this whole dream about Halloween and getting in trouble for some reason during a celebration but I can't really remember it all. The next section of dream I remember clearly I am in a basement with some friends that I don't know IWL making a diorama of a graveyard out of candy. We go up stairs and the friends mom is really worried about us and sort of mad because, "We are letting the demons in." and other crazy religious things. I randomly think to do a reality check and can breath through my fingers so I became lucid.

    I summon my Robes of Anorak and pull up a heads up display. This time it is bright and vivid. I tap the search bar and then say, "Woue". The map changes to show a tropical area with a river ending in a river delta. I snap my fingers and suddenly I am in a mangrove where the plants have black leaves. This time I remmebered to look up! The sky is cloudless and blue. To my right there was a binary sun. Theses stars orbit eachother in such a beautiful way. Currently they are fairly close but not overlapping. Then I look up and spot one of the moons. It was smaller than our Earth moon. Then to my left, high up in the sky, is the large ringed planet, Asuma, that Woue is a moon of.

    I start flying looking for JadeGreen and Manei's beach. It doesn't seem like I am on that island. I still have the HUD up and I look at the map. This area is mostly mangroves but there are also some markers on the map. I fly past one and see that it represents a modern looking building. I hear a familiar voice so I fly closer. On a second floor balcony I see Manei and Hade! I fly down to them and run up to Hade to give him a hug. He is shorter than me in this form. As I hug him his body flashes purple where I contact him. I stand back and poke his chest and sure enough there is some sort of magic armor made out of small triangular segmants less than a centimeter from his body. "You have made some improvments to your ward!". "Yes I have. I wanted to be prepared incase we sparred." he says. Then I go up to Manei. She is much taller than me and wearing a crop top and a necklace with sea shells, "It is good to see you in dream form." I say and give her a hug.

    They guide me into the building and there is a red skinned alien sitting on the couch eating fruit. I talk to her a bit and then wake up.
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    1. JadeGreen's Avatar
      This is a lovely dream, great job. I don't know if that shield ability needs improving at this point it's already quite OP, and all the manipulation I proved to be able to do with it in the dream with killing Azula and capturing Jonathan showed how good it is. But dreams do tend to have weird variation like that. I also see Manei's outfit game is in character. Just wish I could say we had a shared dreaming experience on this one, but I had no recall last night...

      I have yet to put out a solar system map. I think you saw the planet map I posted on discord and you have access to the google doc. Small moon resembling earths would have been Curio. Its actually much bigger than earth's moon when I visited, its like mars sized or even bigger. But it looks like earth's moon gray and cratery and is much farther away.
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    2. Oneirin's Avatar
      That first scene is awesome! I'd loving to have a persistent realm with moons, suns, and planets like that.