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    WILD practice

    by , 08-07-2016 at 08:37 PM (552 Views)
    I took galantamine again. I meant to take 4mg this time but I took 8mg before on accident. I also took 600mg of Alpha GPC. This time I ate it with scrambled eggs during a 45 minute WBTB. I planned on practicing WILD and getting a feel for how it works for me. Even with galantamine it took me probably an hour before I started dreaming. Every time a dream started to form before that I would react to soon and wake myself up but I got better with each try. Each segment was only 5 minutes or so max but there were a ton of them over the period of another hour. I'm sure I forgot some of them or got the order wrong on others but I think I remember most of it.

    09:00 AM
    WILD practice (WILD)

    I am in my room in my hometown for a split second and try to move. I wake up but the visuals are still there but as if I was looking through blinds. It is also blinking on and off. I can even turn my head to look around but it fades away.

    I am a paratrooper in a scifi setting. I have a minigun and use it to take out vehicle targets 4 and 5 before landing on a overturned car. I am in a wartorn battlefield I try and grab onto something and stabilize but wake up.

    I am walking up to the sink in my kitchen and turn the faucet on. It makes no noise. I try and grab onto the faucet and the counter and the dream does a datamosh kind of smear on the back of my eyelids.

    I am still in bed but feel I can start to move my dream body. I try and roll out of bed but wake up.
    I stretch and get in a more comfortable position and know that I am suppose to be only a passive observer until the dream fully forms. I naturally react way to strongly when trying to WILD so I try and keep my consciousness a tiny sliver in the next attempts.

    I am standing in my bedroom. The room is larger and my roommates bed is replaced by a long shelf under the window. The window is longer too and has much nicer blinds. The apartment is like this for the rest of the dream. I don't move much and pay attention to the details on the shelf to stabilize. I leave my apartment to get some fresh air and more space. It is dark out but there are lights. I leave my complex and go down the street to where there are a lot more street lights. I find a nice spot and try to summon Juliana but wake up.

    I am a passive observer of a single mom driving her three kids. A teenage girl, a young boy and a toddler girl. They seem stressed. I feel like I have seen this scene before durring a different dream.

    I am in my apartment and wake up before I can do anything.

    I am a middle aged man. He looks like and has a similar personality to the protagonist of Children of Men. He gets fired from his job.

    I am in my apartment and the sun it up this time. I phase through the window and screen and land outside. The cement is extremely hot and I realize I don't have shoes on. I have to fly between patches of grass because it hurts so bad. The layout of the neighborhood is different too. DCs are staring at me and I wake up.

    I am a passive observer to two cooks in a small Italian restaurant. One is the man before and the other is a sleazy man teaching him how to make ravioli. He says you have to cook it until it gets all mushy. The Children of Men guy says he knows how to cook and that isn't how. He is about to explain how to actually tell but the other guy cuts him off and says,"Look that is just the easiest way so just do it." The single mom and her kids from before come into the restaurant and order 3 servings of lasagna to go. I have a body at this point and even am wearing the same uniform as the cooks but no one can see me. They get their food and leave. The two cooks go back to the training for a while and the mom and teenage daughter come back. The mom says she ordered spinage lasagna, not cheese. The sleazy guy says they are out of spinach. The mom says "My kid is lactose intolerant. What am I suppose to feed him?" The sleezy guy says he can give them a free pizookie for their inconvenience. The Children of Men guy cuts in and says ,"We have some spinich ravioli we can give you that for free." The sleazy guy grumbles something and says,"Ya let us go prepare it." While they do so the teenager asks the Children of Men guy if they are hiring. He says she doesn't wan't to work here and asks if she plans on going to college. She says "yes" and he says,"Good then there is a chance you won't end up here some day like me."

    I am in my room and stable and there is plenty of light. I stick my hand back and I feel an hand take hold. It is a woman but not my dream guide and she has another large woman linking arms with her. I say to get out of here and wave my arms at them. I turn around and when I look back they disappeared. I try again and feel a hand but no one is there and wake up.

    I am laying in bed and try nose plugging and it is a dream despite being 100% indistinguishable from actually waking up. I didn't try this earlier because if I was mistaken I would have to start all over but at this point I know I will have FAs for a while. I get out of bed and open the blinds. These are very nice blinds I think. My real ones are falling apart. I wake up.

    And nose plug again. Yep, it's an FA. i get out of bed and stick my hand back and feel an hand grab mine. I say, "Hi" without a response. I look back and say,"Juliana?" and it's her smiling but she doesn't say anything. I say, "I wan't you to give me my first magic lesson." She says, "You need to read these first." And points at the ground. I look down to see a pile of books. When I look back up she is gone. This makes me pretty frustrated and I yell, "Juliana, you get back here right this instant! I wan't you to teleport right in front of me. Right here." I point at the floor. "Right here!" I realize that is futile and she might have a point so I take a look at the pile of books. Some of them I recognize. Robert Bruce's Mastering Astral Projection in 90 days and an abridged version of Journey to the West I have read. The rest seem to be religious texts in Japanese and Sanskrit. What am I suppose to do with this? I take a look at one of the Japanese books. It is a translation actually but not a very good one. It has a picture of a mountain in the background and a river in the forground with the words relaxation, peace, and meditation on it. As I contemplate the meaning of all of this I wake up.

    I am in another FA I do another nose plug RC and confirm I am still dreaming but I am also still frustrated. I fly out of my appartment and find a public pool with a bunch of DCs swimming in it. I do what ever I want to who ever I wan't and they enjoy it. If they don't enjoy it I mind control them so they do. I feel like I have released all that frustration and walk to leave the pool. I don't even care that my feet are burning! I see a hot DC tanning and then feel I have a bit more frustration to get rid of.

    I have more chains after this but I think I do less and less and end up just laying in bed in the FAs after a while. I find myself in a state of neither awake nor asleep and decide what to do next. I run through the memories in my head a bit to get them straight and then rest for a bit before I get up to write it all down.

    So I understand why I need to read Robert Bruce's book. His section on energy stimulation is really good and can be applied to dream control. I used to be good at it but now I can barely even feel energy in my fingers. Journey to the West is a stretch but Sun Wukong has a lot of different clever powers I can study and he is a monkey so there's that. I have a copy in my drawer so that is probably why Juliana picked it. The sanskrit books are probably the vedas. I think there are a few sections relating to magic so I will look into that. I have no idea about the Japanese ones but I feel it was probably some sort of zen or shinto book. If anyone has any suggestions for that I would be very happy.

    I will do some reading and meditation before I summon Juliana again. In the mean time I will try to summon some DV members to get some competition points.

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    1. Elaineylane's Avatar
      Too funny!
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    2. Nicho's Avatar

      Cool dreams, just one question though..! When you say you can 'do whatever you want to whoever you want and they enjoy it', what type of things are you talking about, please elaborate..?

      Cheers, Nicho..!
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    3. MadMonkey's Avatar
      I mean sex Nicho ( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡)
    4. DawnEye11's Avatar
      :3 Great job on being able to get your WILD. Reading this makes me want to be lucid tonight.
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    5. RelaxAndDream's Avatar
      congratulations to your WILD and it was funny to read about your pile of books that your DG recommended for you and its nice that you take it serious