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    The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey

    Zombie Slaves and Duke Nukem

    by , 04-05-2012 at 07:58 AM (1692 Views)
    Zombie Slaves and Duke Nukem (Non-lucid)


    Even though its spring break I had to get up at 6:30 AM for a short film I am working on with some friends. I didn't have a chance to wright or type it until now which is 11:11 PM.

    There is another zombie apocalypse. I am with another survivor. I don't think I new him before the outbreak but it we make a good team. We are in a car riding around down town Bakersfield, California were I live. The funny thing is neither of us are driving. Instead we trained one of the zombies to not attack us and act as our chauffeur.

    There is no one on the road except for zombies and we drive straight through them without a problem. Me and the other guy are talking and enjoying the show when we start rearing to right. Our zombie henchmen collapses over the steering wheel and we crash into a stop light. It seems our zombie has rotted away and died again. Maybe we should have fed it more. Our car is totaled so we need to hot wire another one and preferably train another zombie. I look and see a really cool hot rod that would be fun to drive. I look and realize all the cars on this street are really awesome. A lot of them are classic cars that I can't remember the names of. Most of them are convertible which would make us to vulnerable to zombies. We need a powerful sturdy car that could mow through zombies like we were earlier. I am admiring a really expensive looking car with the steering wheel in the middle like a race car when some zombies come up toward us. We only have a 9mm pistol and one magazine each so we can't afford to waste ammunition. We back into a large warehouse like building. A female zombie is coming right at me and I shoot it several times without much affect. I realize that it takes quite a bit more to kill a zombie than video games would make you think. For some reason the dream causes me to have a hard time aiming were I want to and I can't hit the head. I unload the rest of my ammunition into it and it is still walking just fine. All hope is lost because my buddy is getting cornered by other zombies. Suddenly a door to my left gets kicked down and a guy who looks uncannily similar to Duke Nukem enters with a large gun and two girls at his side.

    He kills the zombies and saves our butts. Its no wonder someone like that would do well in a situation like this. If people think your bad ass they will stick with you and get you what you need and then you will end up looking even more bad ass. We sort of team up with him now and a bit more goes on but I can't really remember it.

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    1. Kerkz's Avatar
      Awesome dream!
    2. AndresLD's Avatar
      Awesome dream, awesome The Walking Dead reference!