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    05.04.08, Grand Theft Vampire Coven

    by , 08-03-2010 at 11:23 PM (573 Views)
    [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]I'm playing GTA with a lot of players. In the beginning we're just 2-3. When others start coming, they take the cars and go aroung doing GTA-like stuff around the 2-3 of us who were there from the beginning. We're just doing parkour. Now we're also using their cars by standing on top of them when they ride past and other insanity like that.
    Theres a little valley, closed kinda place with tall buildings, where all the vehicles spawn. Outside that is a playground. There's a few very small, brightly colored houses with triangle roofs on the playground. On the right side there is a ramp. We're all having fun when we crash. I'm riding ontop of someones car, and I land in a cave on the side of a wall when I jump off, the cave is quite far up in the air, so I'm trapped.. I get some text message telling me I found a secret place, and I was having a for-fun conversation with the driver who was driving the car I flew off, about whether the stunt was well done or not.
    I walk in, because I know the only parachute in the level is in here. The cave is big and heavily furnitured, like it is someone's home. I look on the minimap, there's someone ekse in here, I have to kill him- There's a big room, the cave is a vampire coven, the guy stands close to the parachute ([I]A hovering grey sack[/I]) I take my guns which I dual-wield and run up to him, I shoot him and he goes ragdoll. I ask him whe he didn't take it. ([I]over the chat, it's a game, after all.[/I]) He says something like [I]"The last one, is the best one."[/I] as if he were waiting for others to come. He was an elf with hair like the Adoring Fan from Oblivion. I discover that the vampires have a lot of well-selling snacks. I take them all, and save. ([I]Now its Oblivion, rather than GTA.[/I]) I'm thinking about making a good and rich kind of Vampire character.[/COLOR]
    Some of the snacks the vampires had were those long, jelly-like things covered in sugar but still taste quite sour.

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