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    Dreams of the Maeniac

    Non-Dream [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]Dream[/COLOR] [COLOR="DarkOrchid"]Lucid[/COLOR]

    [I]Videogames have seized my mind, so my dreams often contain videogame-related themes. Oddly enough, never Touhou-related themes, which is really strange seeing that I almost never play video games anymore, except Touhou.[/I]

    Many of these are old and only half remembered, so that may explain the short and messy descriptions, which happen when I have more text than I have memory.

    1. Catching a Train

      by , 04-14-2011 at 09:17 PM (Dreams of the Maeniac)

      I was standing on the platform on a train station. It resembled, or at least in my mind it was a train station i know from real life.
      But it wasn't the way it usually was, this time it was curved, and there was a staircase that lead down into a tunnel to my left. The staircase was in the right spot, and there was a platform on the other side of the rails, just like in real life. Difference was that the staircase lead downards, instead of up.
      The train arrives. Me and a pair and perhaps a few others realize that we're on the wrong platform. I started running, down the tunnel to get there. I think I notice some people in the tunnel, but I don't remember what was different about them. I think it might have been a litle girl and some man talking on a phone.

      When I get up on the right platform, I see on a sign that the right train arrives in 1 minute, and then realize that it's actually already here, and not only that, but it's already started moving. For some reason, it stops and lets me get in. There are 6 seats in every row, with still quite a lot of space to walk in. Looks more like the interior of a plane than a train, it has seperate seats with seat belts.
      I'm stressed out from being in such a hurry, so I'm not thinking clearly, so I just quickly scan the room and sit down on the seat that's farthest away from the window and closest to the space where people walk past. I realize that there's a little girl sitting in the seat by the window, which makes me uncomfortable and anxious. Somehow we end up in a tickle fight, and another little girl joins in. No idea where she came from... [/COLOR]
    2. Dash and the Dragon

      by , 04-14-2011 at 09:00 PM (Dreams of the Maeniac)

      [COLOR="royalblue"]I remember something about fighting some bosses. And it was incredibly easy. I knew that I could deflect magic attacks, but the final boss didnt even get to attack before I killed it.

      Then I got to some mansion, there was something minecrafty about it, we counted up how many blocks across the mansion was made of, for some reason. I can't remember why, but it had to be more than 15 (or was it 25?) blocks across, and it was, so, success I guess.

      So I went through a door, and there was a hallway leading right, and then a door to the left, which lead into the living room. I don't clearly remember walking through the living room, but I do remember meeting a dragon, this time it would surely be more of a challenge.

      I flew backwards at high speed, the dragon was right infront[/COLOR] (behind? ehhh, well it was following me) [COLOR="royalblue"]of me, I waited with attacking, because I wanted to try deflecting it's fireball.
      It fired, and I easily waved it away. It attacked again, and I deflected it again, but this time I kind of made it spin around my wand, as I wanted to deflect several attacks and then throw it back at the boss, because I wanted it to be a little more exciting.
      The dragon then said something about that it couldn't help me with something so advanced as double deflecting, repeating the pattern of bosses being too simple to defeat.

      I remember shooting the dragon in the face, then I flew, back first, at high speed, through the door that lead to the hallway, neatly maneuvered to the left and zigzagged through the next door, and the dragon smashing up the house because it was too big to fit through the doors. Intense![/COLOR]

      Anyways, can't remember whether the flying was inspired by Rainbow Dash or by Toothless